It has officially been 3.5 weeks of marriage, so I decided to start a marriage advice blog since we basically have it all figured out now.


However, we are having a pretty great time stumbling along our journey to a lifetime of love, and we wanted a place to share our adventures with family and friends.

Here’s a recap of our first few weeks.

First, what better way to begin marriage than being stuck in a car together for the longest period of time so far in our relationship? Honeymooning in style!

Seacrest Beach, FL

We loved every minute of the road trip and our time at the beach (Seacrest, FL, to be exact). It was the perfect way to break in my new last name…Rachel Beachy at the beach! Only heard that one or twelve times that week 🙂

Seacrest Beach, FL

It’s been a whirlwind back in Indy. Between name change stuff, bank stuff, apartment hunting (successful hunting at that), and now my job starting in just under a week – we’ve been busy to say the least!

We have managed to squeeze in some fun along the way. (Who are we kidding. Everything is fun in this phase – even the paperwork where I get to write “Rachel Beachy” over and over!)

First up: fun in the kitchen. We’ve put our new kitchen utensils to good use on perfecting eggs in a basket, one of our favorite breakfast dishes from the honeymoon.

Eggs in a basket

And we’ve also been creating some yummy dinners, like this sweet potato/zucchini/chicken mix:

Sweet potato mix

We’ve spent some time exploring new parts of Indy too, such as Eagle Creek Park where we spent a morning kayaking!



Nathan got me the kayaking trip as one of my birthday presents last week, and it was the perfect activity for us to try together 🙂

All in all, we both agree that the past few weeks have been beachy keen (see what I did there). We can’t wait to keep living life side by side and sharing it with you here!



2 thoughts on “Kayaks, cooking, and marriage – oh my!

  1. A blog, what a wonderful idea. It’s interesting to hear what you two have been doing. Love you both and keep writing!

  2. Hi Nate and Rachel, So sorry we couldn’t be present at your wedding, but do wish you much happiness in the days and years to come. Bill and Chris Troyer.

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