This past week, our marriage turned 1 month old! They just grow up so fast.

This week brought on an exciting change for us because I began my job as Communications Coordinator at the IndyBar Association.

2014-06-23 07.41.15
Me on my first day!

I have had a great start to being in the working world and am already looking forward to how much this job will help me grow. It’s been a perfect fit! The ice cream doesn’t hurt either…

Ice creamYep, an ice cream sundae bar in the lobby of the building during my first week pretty much proves I’m in the right spot 🙂

Nathan has had a busy week, too. Check out the awesome coffee table he built for our living room!

Coffee tableHe cut, sanded and stained the whole thing while I’ve been at work. It’s going to look great with our living room decor and furniture, and now we’ll have a place to put our feet up at the end of a long day!

Now the weekend is in sight, and we have some fun plans ahead of us. Hope the same can be said for each of you. The future is bright!


One thought on “Woodwork, Work-work & Whatnot

  1. Wow! that coffee table is NICE! Props to Nathan! Marrying handy guys is the best 🙂 You look so pro for your first day and I love the ice cream bar… definitely a sign you found the right place 🙂

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