This week, the Beachys ventured to the beach for the second time this summer. This time, we went to the east coast and were lucky enough to be joining about 20 other Beachys headed to the same place!

Every August, the Beachy side of the family takes a trip to North Carolina for a week, and we were fortunate to be able to join them this year. Nathan starts classes Monday, so we snuck in one last trip just in time!

The house we all stayed at was BEAUTIFUL.

2014-08-03 11.09.47
(Thanks for the swimsuit cover-up, Mom!)

The beaches were also gorgeous, and even though it rained most days, we were able to hit the beach a few times here and there.

2014-08-03 20.04.56

The company was, of course, the best part of it all 🙂

2014-08-03 11.20.10

Speaking of company…We got to play with baby EJ! The last time we saw him was at our wedding. He was a little guy then and now he is over 4 months old! (Still a little guy but getting so strong now.)

Nathan and EJ :)
Nathan and EJ 🙂
Me and the babe!
Me and the babe!
A very proud Grandma and EJ
A very proud Grandma and EJ

I also enjoyed the extra time to catch up on some reading. I’ve been digging into White Oleander for awhile now, and this week I finally finished it up. I’ll be posting a review on the book soon! Nathan is reading a Tim Keller book that we got for our wedding – The Meaning of Marriage. I’m looking forward to reading through that once he is done.

2014-08-04 10.04.52

On Monday morning, Nathan and I drove to Currituck Beach Lighthouse. It was about 15 minutes away and so much fun – I’ve never seen a lighthouse in person, and we got to climb all the way to the top!

2014-08-04 11.11.43

I thought of my grandma a lot on our adventure. She loved lighthouses. Her whole house was full of lighthouse figurines and drawings. I kept wishing I could call and ask her if she’d heard of the one we were at or if she had maybe even been to it herself sometime.

2014-08-04 11.13.27

220 steps total 🙂

2014-08-04 11.19.44


Me on Lucky Step #111 :)
Me on Lucky Step #111 🙂
2014-08-04 11.28.53
We made it!

Games were another thing that filled up the days. The Beachy family plays games all week long, from card games at the house to kan jam on the beach or in the yard. I had a steep learning curve to keep up with them!

2014-08-04 15.22.32
Bocci ball on the beach with the Beachys (say that five times fast!)
2014-08-03 15.41.24
Kan jam in the yard…
I stuck to reading most of the time :)
I stuck to reading most of the time 🙂

We had a great time with everyone and are sad to see the week come to an end. I certainly enjoyed my first vacation with the whole Beachy crew and look forward to many more!

Sunset on the beach. God is good.
Sunset on the beach. God is good.


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