I mentioned in my meal prep post for this week that one of the dinners I wanted to try was Chicken Caprese. The last time I went to Bravo!, I ordered their chicken caprese and farro dish. It was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten!

2014-08-05 18.45.17

Sure, it was on a day when I’d been eating airport food for ever other meal, but the craving for this dish has been with me ever since.

I put this dinner together in about 10 minutes on Tuesday night, thanks to the prep work on Sunday. (On Sunday, I marinated the chicken for five hours in Italian dressing, seasoned it with basil and baked it at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes, then stored it in the fridge.)

This made the assembly on Tuesday simple:

  • Reheat the chicken to luke-warm temperature
  • Shave off desired amount of mozzarella cheese for topping (I got a block of mozz cheese for this recipe at the grocery, but even if you have prepackaged slices those would work too!)
  • Slice a few pieces of tomato (about one slice per chicken piece)
  • Place tomato slice on top of chicken and mozzarella on top of the tomato, like so:
2014-08-19 18.25.21
Green beans on the side leftover from Sunday’s dinner. Putting them to good use!
  • Heat plate until cheese has melted (chicken should also be hot all the way through at this point)
  • Before serving, add a little more basil for garnish and a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette

2014-08-19 18.30.42

Easy peasy and so delicious!

This would be great on top of pasta or served with crusty French bread. We kept it super simple with ours and just had a nice big salad on the side (plus leftover green beans), which Nathan made while I worked on the chicken. #Teamwork

Audience Reviews: “One of my favorite chicken dishes. This needs to go in the rotation.” – as said by my husband, my audience of one 🙂

I couldn’t agree more, and I’m glad we have a comparable substitute to fix my Bravo! craving whenever it comes up. Hope you enjoy trying this out, too!

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