We made it to the long weekend that marks the official end of summer for many, and some of the leaves are already turning brown. (Okay, maybe they’re brown from being dried up in the crazy humidity and 90+ degree temps, but go with me on this…)

Nathan has finished another week of school and I have wrapped up a busy week at work. We are both grateful for the few days away from routine!

Here’s what we’ve been doing lately:

  • Colts preseason games – which are now officially over! We’re ready for some football 🙂
  • I’ve been reading Midwives by Chris Bohjalian and it is SO good – I’ve just been too busy to plow through it like I wish I could! Such an interesting, intriguing storyline, though. I can’t wait to see where it goes.
  • How I Met Your Mother marathons on Netflix…I think we are almost through season 5 or 6 now? We started these earlier this summer and I’m hooked on it. This is often what we find ourselves doing when we need to unwind from a long day.
  • Grilling. This one is all Nathan. He manned the grill Monday night and made us meat for a week! Pork chops and chicken made for some delicious eats.
  • Praying and talking about Life Groups for the year. Last Sunday at Village Life, we got to hear what topics will be discussed at the various small groups that meet weekly. We’ve been putting some time into really trying to figure out where we feel called, but also which one makes sense with our busy schedule this fall. We’re being prayerfully considerate about this.
  • Speaking of Village Life…becoming official church members! This Thursday, September 4 is the Village Life members’ dinner, and Nathan and I were “interviewed” last weekend by the elders at our church after applying for membership. We should be “official” just in time to join the dinner later this week!

So we’ve been busy with a little of this and a little of that, but all good things in life 🙂

Our Labor Day plans included some time to catch up with friends and family. On Friday night, we had Cam + Kayla over for dinner and games. We always have the best time with them!

Cooking for four – one of whom is gluten free – led to me creating this menu for the meal:

  • Baked chicken breasts
  • Corn + black bean salsa w/ diced onion
  • Roasted broccoli + cauliflower
  • Lettuce, shredded cheese, salsa for toppings
  • Tortillas for tacos, gluten free tortilla chips for nachos
The only picture I got...our corn and black bean salsa!
The only picture I got…our corn and black bean salsa! Recipe from my mom (like all good things.)

It seemed to go over well! Kayla and I made taco salads and the guys made tacos. Something for everyone 🙂

Then we spent the rest of the night playing the board game Battle of the Sexes, which was a lot of fun (even though the guys won…) and eating brownies and ice cream for dessert, which Cam and Kayla brought. It was a great start to the weekend!

On Saturday, my parents and Ted came to visit! Nathan hadn’t seen them since before vacation, and I hadn’t seen them since the day I got back, so it was a much-needed catchup time.

My mom and I both collaborated on the menu for our dinner:

  • Strawberry romaine salad (made by Mom)
  • Chicken Caprese (made my me)
  • Corn on the cob

We also had yummy appetizers that Nathan put together, including the corn + black bean salsa with chips, cheesy garlic bread biscuits, grapes, and brownies.

The strawberry romaine salad that my mom makes is one of my all-time favorite things, and while I would eat it year-round, the strawberries in season during the summer put it over the top. When we started planning our dinner, that was the first thing on my mind. One of these days I’ll learn to make it myself, but for now I like the excuse for getting to see her 🙂

Before dinner, we went to the Fall Creek Greenway trail and went on a nice walk there. I’ve been using it as a running/walking route, and it was so fun getting to show them my places here! I always have the best time with them here and really enjoyed getting to catch up with everyone. It was a special treat to have Ted join, too! We definitely missed having Ali and Luke with us…if only Houston and Indy weren’t so far apart…

Tonight we have date night planned for dinner + a movie, in-house style. We’re cooking up some food after church and then watching White Oleander! We ordered it after I read the book and I’m really looking forward to seeing the movie version.

Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend and the last bits of summer weather too!


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