We found ourselves with leftover soft tortillas after our Mexican-themed dinner with Cam + Kayla last weekend. This week, we’ve found some fun ways to use up the tortillas, and the meals have been so delicious that we may have to make the flatbreads a staple in our kitchen from now on! 

All the variations are simple but unique so that we didn’t get tired of the similar ingredients. Check out our leftovers remix – flatbreads four ways!

1) Quesadillas: an oldie but goodie. Quesadillas were one of the things I could easily make for myself in high school and I had them ALL the time. They are just as good today! We used a shredded cheddar cheese and baked chicken breast with ours, but could’ve thrown in spinach or other veggies if we had them on hand. Salsa on the side for dipping rounded out this meal. 

2) Flatbread BBQ Chicken Pizza – Stuffed Crust: Take a tortilla and sprinkle shredded cheese on half. Flip it over press down, then top that with BBQ sauce, more cheese, and diced chicken breast. Bake in a 400 degree oven for 6 minutes and voila! Stuffed crust BBQ chicken flatbread pizza. This totally hit the spot! 

3) Club Wrap: For one of Nathan’s lunches, I used a wrap and put a smear of ranch dressing on the inside. I sprinkled bacon bits on the ranch, then a slice of cheese and finally some turkey deli meat. (If you’re a tomato fan, those would also go well in this). Just roll it up into a wrap and it’s a great handheld, pseudo-Club sandwich! Something a little more interesting than your average sack lunch sandwich. 

4) Breakfast Burrito: Scramble up some eggs, peppers, onions or anything else you have on hand that you like. Throw it into a tortilla and add some shredded cheese. Roll up the tortilla like a burrito, heating to melt the cheese in the oven or microwave and bam! Breakfast burrito that’s easy to eat on-the-go. 

There are plenty of other ways to use tortillas and plenty of ways to customize the above ideas to suit your own preferences. One way I’d like to try in the future is one I got from Pinterest: you heat the oven, then drape a soft tortilla over the grates so that it hangs down. As it firms up, it creates a U-shaped hard taco shell that is perfect for stuffing with lots of yummy ingredients. We may try this in the future and hope to come up with even more winning combinations!

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