Saturday was the 48th annual Penrod Arts Fair, held at the IMA – which is where Nathan proposed nearly a year ago 🙂 I saw posters for the fair on the way to church a couple weeks ago and immediately thought of asking my mom to join me for it.  We have always enjoyed art fairs together, and having an excuse to spend a Saturday afternoon with her was too good to pass up!

Growing up, she and I would go to an art fair in Louisville – the St. James Art Fair – every fall. The Penrod was maybe even bigger than that, and it was so much fun to enjoy together. I think we may have a new tradition!

2014-09-06 12.56.10
Art fair selfie! A little cloudy but no rain on our parade 🙂

Mom was also able to work on a photo project for her class while we were there, and I LOVED getting a firsthand glimpse of the pro in action. I think she got some great shots and can’t wait to see how they turn out!

She even got me this souvie – a pretty brushed silver and freshwater pearl ring that I absolutely love.

2014-09-06 16.54.40

Mom found matching earrings from the same shop, Moira K. Lime, to take home.

It was a great day and just what I needed. It’s fun to find things like this in my new home city that we can do together!

And… look what came in the mail:

2014-09-06 17.20.23

It’s official – I graduated! My diploma was sent to my parents’ house a few weeks ago and Mom brought it with her when she visited. Feels good to have it in my hands! We plan to frame mine in one that matches Nathan’s and hang our diplomas side-by-side in the study. Two IU grads in the house 🙂

In Nathan news… He’s been doing a lot of this:

2014-09-06 17.34.37(Multiply that amount of flashcards by about four and you’ve got the amount he has – so far – for ONE class. All of them are filled front and back with information about drugs. Yeesh.)

He’s also been up to some of this:

2014-09-06 17.34.59

That is a neurology slide. One of many that Nathan has been poring over this weekend after a couple particularly brutal lectures toward the end of the week.

While his classes have really picked up lately, he says the content is at least interesting, albeit extremely challenging. Nonetheless, he has been working SO hard and seems to be as “caught up” as you can be in med school. He’s also been staying balanced now that football season is starting up. Putting the flashcards away for some Colts games should hopefully keep his sanity in check for the next few months!

Our Saturday night ended on a sweet note:

2014-09-06 21.01.19


Long-awaited frozen yogurt date at Orange Leaf to wrap up another perfect day in our weekend 🙂 Can you guess which cup belongs to me and which one is Nathan’s?

That’s all for us here lately – just keepin’ on keepin’ on with the good life. Hope fall is off to a nice start for you, too!

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