The past week not only brought on the start of October, but it also brought on the bulk of Nathan’s first test block of the year and my first conference for work. We were certainly busy!

The very beginning of the week was a rough one for me…2014-09-28 12.57.41Man that game was ugly for the Titans, wasn’t it? This picture was taken before the game started…there weren’t many smiles on my side after that! It was fun to hang out and watch it together though – he didn’t rub it in too much 😉

Nathan had exams most days this week, so there was a lot of hard work on his end to get ready for those. He did really well though and all of the studying paid off!

My work conference started on Wednesday, and I got a cute Vera Bradley tote as part of the “welcome” pack.

2014-10-01 12.36.15Clearly they know how to get on my good side 🙂 It was a great new experience and I really enjoyed meeting new people in my field from all over the country. I feel like I learned a lot and am looking forward to putting the new info to good use when I head back to the office on Monday!

Next year, this conference will be at a resort in Orlando – conveniently close to Harry Potter World. Let’s just say my mom, sister and I are already plotting how to extend the stay for a girls’ weekend. I’m already excited!

It was our turn to make dinner for Life Group on Thursday, and I went with the tried and true enchilada bake. It’s so easy and was perfect for a week when, between the conference and traffic, I really didn’t have much time to make anything extravagant before we needed to leave. I switched up the assembly process just a bit this time, layering the biscuits on top of the beef/beans mix only instead of stirring them in. I totally prefer this way now and everybody raved on it!

2014-10-02 17.18.05

Saturday was the “anniversary” of the day Nathan proposed. We had a perfect day celebrating it together. After such a busy week, we really enjoyed the chance to relax and soak up everything that has happened for us in the last year. It is amazing how much can change, and I could not be happier with where we are now.

We went to see the movie Gone Girl on Saturday night and it was SO good. I’d read the book but Nathan hadn’t heard much about it, which made it so fun to watch him figure out all the twists and turns. We both agreed that it was a great movie and I’m so glad we got the chance to see it opening weekend! It was the perfect way to unwind on what ended up being a really cold, overcast day.

I’m trying out a new recipe for dinner tonight…if it’s successful, you’ll be getting a post on that soon. If it’s not…well, don’t be surprised 😉

Fall photos time!

2014-10-03 14.19.09 2014-10-05 09.57.17 2014-10-03 14.17.05

Hope you’ve all had a great start to October 🙂



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