Check out this post to see some of our latest favorites for October, from what we’re watching on TV to what we’re loving in the kitchen. Then be sure to comment and let us know what you’re currently into right now too – we are always looking for recommendations!

Currently reading:


All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

This book comes highly recommended, and while I’ve only just started it, I can already see why! I’ll be sure to do a full book review once I’m done, but I’m really enjoying it so far and totally agree with everyone saying it is a fantastic book.

Currently watching:


How I Met Your Mother Season 7

We started HIMYM within the first month we were married and have made it to season 7! It’s so weird to only have a couple seasons left now, but needless to say, we are thoroughly enjoying this show. (Psst…did you hear Neil Patrick Harris is hosting the 2015 Oscars? I’ve already made plans to watch because of him!) 

Honorable mentions…

  • NFL football
    • Because duh.
  • Shark Tank
    • It’s been awhile since we’ve seen it, but any time it’s on we find ourselves totally sucked in!
  • The Voice
    • A reality TV show we both like…yup, miracles happen!

Currently eating (or wanting to eat):

I have 3 new recipes that are now at the top of my to-make list:

Each of these looks totally doable and totally up our alley. I’ll report back if/when I make them! Which would you try first?

Currently listening:



Something about this time of year make’s Kodaline’s songs so good right now. I loved them before and listening to them while running down a tree-lined path or driving through an autumn day makes their music perfect for October. I recommend: All I Want, Love Like This

Currently wearing:

2014-10-19 07.41.57

These socks, which Joanne gave me for Christmas last year. They are THE best socks in the world, and every night after work, you better believe these puppies are put to good use. They are the softest and warmest things ever, which makes them perfect for the chilly nights. (They’re even saving our heating bill a bit – ha!) I’m so obsessed that I hate washing them because I don’t like going a day without wearing them…yeah, it’s an addiction.

Currently laughing at:

These punny Halloween costumes…and kind of wishing I had a reason to wear a costume this year to put one of these ideas to use!

Currently loving:

2014-10-18 10.08.13 2014-10-18 09.37.41 2014-10-18 09.36.59

The changing leaves! But that’s nothing new if you’ve been reading here the last few weeks 🙂 Needless to say, the forest has exploded the last week or so, and I am soaking up the changing colors while they last!

What are some of your October favorites? 

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