We kicked off November with a party to remember! But first, a flashback to our Halloween night…2014-10-31 20.46.46Can you guess what those specks falling from the sky are? SNOW. On October 31st. The weatherman said it was the most snow we’d gotten that early in the season in 125 years… Looks like I moved north just in time for some fun weather 😉

Now onto the good stuff…November 1st!

For the longest time, we’ve had November 1st marked in our calendars for a trip to Cincinnati. Grandpa Lundy had organized a surprise party to celebrate Grandma’s 70th birthday, and we were so excited for the chance to be with everyone!

We drove out with the Beachys and got to the restaurant in time to chat with some out-of-town guests and friends of Grandma and Grandpa before they arrived. It was really special to see just how many people really love and care about such an incredible woman. Grandma and Grandpa Beachy came too, so we got to spend time with BOTH sets of Cincy grandparents while we were there. We are spoiled 🙂2014-11-01 19.08.26 - Version 2Time flew, and before we knew it, it was showtime. I made sure to snag a spot out front to capture Grandma’s face when she walked in…2014-11-01 18.42.412014-11-01 18.42.44-1The best part was when she started realizing just who all was there, including some very special visitors – Don (her brother) and Jo – who flew in from Oklahoma to be there. 2014-11-01 18.43.40 - Version 22014-11-01 18.43.33 - Version 22014-11-01 18.43.31 - Version 2Seeing her face when she saw them made the whole trip worth it right then!

The rest of the evening was spent visiting and celebrating. I still feel so blessed to have such an amazing extended family, and Nathan and I both have so much fun when we get to spend time with everyone. 2014-11-01 18.37.18 - Version 2

I snagged Grandma Beachy, our Beachy family photographer, to snap a photo of Nathan and I. Christmas card worthy, wouldn’t you say? 😉 2014-11-01 19.20.56-1 - Version 2

Don (her brother) snuck in a longtime family joke between the siblings and put these photos up on the cake table. Grandma cracked up when she saw them. That notecard on her portrait reads “Tag, you’re it!” I look forward to the days to come when my siblings and I have decades-old pranks between each other 🙂2014-11-01 19.24.46

Our time in Cincy went too quickly, as usual, and the goodbyes came too soon, as usual. Luckily, we get to see most everyone again in a few weeks for Thanksgiving, so the time apart will be short and sweet!

It was a celebration fit for such a special woman, and I feel so blessed to be a part of such a close family. Grandma Lundy certainly kicked off her 70th year in style, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from such an awesome lady 🙂

Happy November, everyone!2014-11-02 08.32.50

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