When I was meal planning for Nathan’s test week, I knew that wholesome, hearty, comfort foods would be just what we needed. A cold front came in mid-week, dropping temperatures into the 20s and 30s, which further fueled my craving for hot and filling meals. With that in mind, I browsed my Pinterest boards and flipped through this cookbook – courtesy of Grandma Lundy – for some inspiration:

2014-11-11 17.46.21

So many of the recipes in that cookbook look delicious, and they all look totally doable. Each one can be prepped and cooked in 30 minutes or less, which is a huge help with our busy schedules.

When I flipped to a recipe for meatloaf, I immediately put it down on our menu. While I don’t have fond memories of meatloaf (in fact, I think I’ve mostly had it in cafeterias as a kid…), the picture made it look too good to pass up and totally perfect for this week.

2014-11-11 17.45.50I mostly followed the recipe and made only a few minor adjustments based on what we had on hand. Here’s what I did…

2014-11-11 17.50.05


  • 1/2 cup ketchup
  • 2 tablespoons packed brown sugar
  • 1 lb lean ground beef
  • 1/2 lb ground pork
  • 1/2 cup Bisquick mix (original)
  • 1 egg

2014-11-11 17.45.58


  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees
  2. Mix ketchup & brown sugar in small bowl; set aside half for topping
  3. In large bowl, mix remaining ingredients and stir in ketchup mixture2014-11-11 18.01.31
  4. Spray a 13X9-inch baking dish and place mixture into pan
  5. Shape meat into a 12X4-inch log2014-11-11 18.04.38
  6. Slice long-ways once and short-ways 5 times to create 12 mini loaves2014-11-11 18.06.26
  7. Separate loaves so no edges touch2014-11-11 18.08.04
  8. Brush with remaining ketchup mixture2014-11-11 18.09.45
  9. Bake for 18-20 minutes or until insides are no longer pink2014-11-11 18.29.26


We had ours with some garlic cheddar mashed potatoes and mixed veggies. This was comfort food at its best and hot out of the oven, too!

2014-11-11 18.33.14Since Nathan has to study a lot, we really cherish mealtimes as a chance to sit down together and hang out for a bit. It’s nice when there’s such good food to go along with that!

2014-11-11 18.33.29 Because this makes 12 mini loaves, there are leftovers for hot lunches and more dinners this week too. I appreciate that aspect of it as it saves me some meal prep time later in the week!

I have officially become a fan of meatloaf after making this. I think I may even start craving it regularly enough to put it in our rotation! Nate and I were saying how good this could be on a Hawaiian bun, like a little meatloaf slider… I see good things in the future for this recipe 🙂

In other news…

My mom came to visit on Tuesday! I had the day off work for Veteran’s Day and she came up for lunch and some Christmas decoration shopping. We went to Michael’s and got great deals. Now I’ve got all of our stuff ready for later this month when it comes time to decorate the house! Although I may have already snuck a seasonal centerpiece in the living room…

2014-11-11 20.04.01

Mom also came bearing gifts of the edible variety – donuts from home! They are my favorite thing we’ve stored in this container yet:

2014-11-11 18.02.45She brought one of each kind for each of us – 2 pumpkins, 2 red velvets, and 2 chocolates. Smart lady, otherwise we might have to argue over some of the flavors! 😉

Nathan and I each enjoyed one for breakfast the very next day…Mom’s visits have a way of making us smile hours after she’s gone 🙂 (And not just for the sweet breakfast, promise!)

Hope each of you are staying warm if the cold front has come your way too!

What are some of the foods that you remember from cafeteria days? What flavor of donut would you pick? (I’m trying to choose my next one for tomorrow!)







6 thoughts on “Dinner Recipe: Quick & Easy Meatloaf

  1. Cafeteria days…chocolate balls (the kind with peanut butter, oatmeal, etc rolled and dipped in chocolate!) And red velvet on the donuts…my new seasonal favorite! Thanks for the great recipes!

    1. YUM! Your cafeteria food sounds way better than anything I remember! And I still have my red velvet one left from your visit…saving the best for last 😀

    1. Thank you! I love the way it turned out. Juuust enough Christmas cheer to get me through Thanksgiving until I go full-blown holiday decor!

  2. I also love the ornaments!! Very festive and totally making me ready for Christmas with the cold weather to go along!

    I remember stuffed crust pepperoni pizza rectangles at Galena. Always so gooey and cheesey. I also remember salisbury steak that was hard to cut with plastic knives. lol

    and for donuts- I would definitely go for pumpkin first. It seems more breakfasty. The red velvet would be tempting as a dessert for sure! reminds me of our wedding! 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh that pizza…I have such fond memories of that! And yes to the salisbury steak…haha plastic silverware and milk in plastic bags…so deprived 😉 But “chicken fryz” were always my favorite at Galena!

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