Nathan and I are having a great time celebrating our first Christmas season together! We’ve had a lot of fun figuring out how our own little family will do holidays, and part of doing that has involved reflecting back on how our respective families celebrated Christmas as we grew up. We plan to mix in a little of the old with a little of the new and over the years, we’ll find our way into our new “normal” for Christmas.

Since this is our first married Christmas, I thought it would be fun to post a little Christmas survey of the family traditions we each had growing up. Hope you enjoy!

What is your favorite…

  • Christmas song?
    • Nathan: Kind of a Grinch when it comes to Christmas songs.
    • Rachel: Christmastime Is Here (Charlie Brown)
  • Christmas movie?
    • Nathan: Elf
    • Rachel: Elf
  • Holiday treat?
    • Nathan: Fudge
    • Rachel: Peppermint bark
  • Christmas dinner food?
    • Nathan: Ham
    • Rachel: Sweet potato casserole OR Mom’s winter salad
  • Memory?
    • Nathan: Going to Grandma and Grandpa’s as a little kid
    • Rachel: A lot of special Christmas mornings and magical Christmas Eves… I loved having a whole day to play with toys!
  • Tradition?
    • Nathan: Only day of the year that we would get up early as kids!
    • Rachel: Performing the Jingle on Christmas Eve with Alison (and sometimes Ted!)
  • Gift received?
    • Nathan: So many come to mind. I remember one Christmas when everyone – grandparents and parents – gave us a SEGA Dreamcast and games. It was awesome!
    • Rachel: As a kid…the typewriter 🙂

What time would your family attend church?

Nathan: We were out of town, so that wasn’t a tradition for us.

Rachel: Christmas Eve at 4:30pm

With whom did you usually celebrate Christmas?

Nathan: Everybody – grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, family.

Rachel: The five amigos – Mom, Dad, Ali, Ted and me!

Real or fake tree?

Nathan: Usually fake

Rachel: Real, from a tree farm

Colored or white lights?

Nathan: Colored

Rachel: Colored

Did you go get your picture with Santa at the mall?

Nathan: Never

Rachel: Several times as a kid – the pictures are pretty funny to look back at now!

What time would you wake up on Christmas Day?

Nathan: Usually around 7am

Rachel: Mom and Dad had to set a time when we were allowed to come get them…but usually we’d be awake from about 4am on trying to be patient. Some years were later than others!

Did you ever have a “white Christmas”?

Nathan: Yes

Rachel: Yep

What did you look forward to most about Christmas?

Nathan: Presents and seeing family

Rachel: The traditions – driving to look at lights, sneaking down to fill up Mom and Dad’s stockings, Dad reading the Christmas story, and having a sleepover with my sister (and Ted until he got too cool for that 🙂 )

Pretty poinsettias from Jo!
Pretty poinsettias from Jo!


Your turn: Answer one or a few of the answers above to share about your own Christmas memories!

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