It’s time for another edition of currently! Read on to see what’s been hitting the spot for us this holiday season.

Currently reading:

downloadQuiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain

I’m borrowing this book from my mom, and both she AND my sister have read it and highly recommended it. I started craving it myself after the speaker at my staff retreat last week mentioned it and said it was a powerful book. I’m not far along yet but will absolutely be posting a review of it once I finish it!

The Bible – Luke

We are also reading a chapter of Luke each day this Advent season. Usually I will read it aloud on the car ride to work. We both love the discussions this has led to and the peace it gives us starting our day out in the Word! It especially helps us stay mindful each day of what this season is truly about amid all of the other demands on our attention this time of year.

Currently watching:


Allll the Christmas movies 🙂

My parents are the coolest, and after I mentioned to my mom that Nathan and I owned zero Christmas movies, they brought us every single holiday movie that I can think of (and love!). From classics like It’s a Wonderful Life to modern favorites like Elf, our stash is stocked! I can’t wait to watch a couple in particular: A Christmas Story and also National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Nathan hasn’t seen either of them before, and I love them, so I am looking forward to being with him the first time he watches!

Currently eating (or wanting to eat):

  • Ina Garten’s Baked Chocolate Pudding
    • One of our friends from church made this for one of our Life Group dinners recently, and it. Was. Life changing. Lucky for me, it even looks doable! I am so looking forward to taking a stab at this recipe. This may take the top spot on my list of favorite desserts – served a la mode, of course 🙂
  • Chicken Tetrazzini 
    • My mom had this at one of her girls’ dinners this month, and she emailed me the recipe (a little different than the one linked here). It sounds delicious and my mom assures me that it is easy to make – or rather, hard to mess up – so I am going to give this a try one week for dinner!

Currently listening:

Once again…Papa Tog and Mama Tog pulled through on this one. Along with the Christmas movies, they also brought us Idina Menzel’s Christmas CD. Idina is a broadway actress whom I loved in Wicked, and she most recently played the voice of Elsa in Disney’s Frozen. (Yep, the lady who began the “Let it Go” craze.) Needless to say, her voice is amazing, and it’s so nice having a whole CD of holiday tunes to play this time of year! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Currently wearing:

Nathan is currently wearing NEW glasses! His parents helped us get them for an early Christmas present and he is loving them. He has had extremely cheap glasses for about four years now, so this is a big step up and he already says he can tell a difference! (You can see them in the picture of us at the bottom of this post.)

I am also in the market for some new winter tops. In particular, I have my eye on this cowl neck sweater. How perfectly cozy does that look?!

Currently laughing at:

  • We both cried tears of laughter watching this film of people slipping on ice. If that makes us sound heartless well…you watch it and tell me if you can resist laughing along too! (It’s six minutes long but somehow it just gets funnier and funnier. His laugh is infectious!)
  • This video of a dad scolding his two little sons (who are absolutely covered in paint!) is hilarious – and also incredibly adorable. The way the little boy says “daddy” is so stinkin’ cute!

Currently loving: 

2014-12-05 18.43.57

^This guy and the fact that he wrapped up his third semester of medical school like a total champ on Friday! He has worked tirelessly for the past few months and it paid off during final exams. He did really well and now gets a few weeks before the next round of classes begin. It is much needed and much deserved time away from school!

Time to spill…What are some current favorites for you? I want to hear all about your favorite seasonal treats, songs, movies and anything else you want to share!

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