We’re in the final stretch of one of the best years of my life – 2014. I have so many awesome memories from the last 12 months to reflect on as they come to a close – graduating college, getting married, moving to a new city and starting my first job, to name a few. It’s really weird to see 2014 go away when I know for the rest of my life it will be a date I remember. “When did you finish college?” “2014.” “What year did you all get married?” “2014.” “How long have you been in Indy?” “Since 2014.” 2014 will live on forever!

It’s been nice to be in such a landmark year, but I am already excited for everything that 2015 holds.

Every year I make goals – “resolutions” if you will. I try to make them in three categories: spiritual, relational and physical. I’ve been reflecting on some things I’d like to work on in the coming year, and I’ve put together my goals for the next 365 days of my life. Hopefully if I write them down here, they will be more likely to happen!

Here’s what I’m hoping to achieve in 2015:

  • Memorize two scripture passages each month
    • Nate and I will be working on this one together. We realized we do a decent job of spending time studying scripture alone, with each other, with friends and small groups on a regular basis, but there is a dimension missing to our Bible studies: memorization. To help achieve this, we’re writing out verses and sticking them to the bathroom mirror every two weeks to help hold us accountable.
  • Limit useless internet browsing – ask “Does this apply to me? Am I actually interested in it?”
    • So often I find myself reading articles about TV shows I don’t watch, celebrities I don’t like and people I don’t know. It’s a bit ridiculous, and I want to be way more conscious about how I’m using my web-surfing time this year. My motto for this one: Be CONSCIOUS about your CLICKS. Catchy right? 🙂
  • Read one book a month (at least)
    • I’m hoping these will be GOOD books too. My “want-to-read” list is getting a bit long… I have Wild by Cheryl Strayed on deck right now and I’m not even two chapters into my current book. I love having a long queue of books waiting for me, and I want to get through all of them and then some.
  • Continue studying women in the Bible with friends
    • I started meeting with a couple friends on Sunday mornings to work through the women in the Bible and I want to continue that study in the new year.
  • Make more time for stretching and yoga
    • I did yoga every day for 5 months leading up to the wedding and then I quit cold turkey. Gah! I think my body and mind would really appreciate it if I started making time for that again.
  • Work on posture
    • This has been on my list for 3 years and counting. Sitting at a desk for work all day has not made it any easier, that’s for sure. But I’m hoping the yoga will help with this!
  • Learn to make an omelet
    • This dish has stumped me every time I’ve attempted it. In 2015 I WILL be victorious! (Although if Ted or Luke are up for some coaching, that would be much appreciated.)
  • Host a dinner party complete with appetizer, entree and dessert
    • One of the greatest surprises of 2014 was discovering my enjoyment of cooking. While space in our town home might make this a dinner party on the smaller side, I would love to bring together some friends and family for a gathering at some point. It would be a fun challenge for me to create a menu from top to bottom and execute it. Plus, seeing people I love enjoy the food I’ve made is one of the best parts of cooking! This resolution is slated for the second half of the year, at this point.
  • Successfully plan a bridal shower and bachelorette party
    • In other words: Be the best matron of honor that I can be for my best friend since childhood, who’s getting married in August. This is definitely a top priority in the first part of 2015 and I am so excited to get started with all the festivities that go along with a wedding!

I think that’s everything – plus whichever little surprises come my way throughout the year 🙂 Our big priorities as a couple are getting Nate through Step 1 exams and transitioning into the rotations schedule smoothly, so I think those on top of all the above resolutions for myself will be more than enough to keep me busy!

Do you make resolutions or goals each year? What are some of the things you’d like to achieve or work on in 2015?

2 thoughts on “Looking Ahead: My Goals for 2015

  1. Love these blogs! Since I don’t browse much, I could help you with that goal for 2015! I always enjoy catching up with you and what you have going on.
    You’re the best, love,

    1. Thanks Dad! I like the way you think – I’ll replace websurfing with phone dates with Dad! That’s the best motivator yet 🙂 Love you tons and can’t wait to see you soon!

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