We have had the best time celebrating our first married Christmas together this year! It seems like the fun hasn’t stopped since we kicked it off in late November at the Colts game with my early present to Nathan. The fun and family time has continued, and we are so grateful for all of the special moments we’ve gotten to have.

Cozy snapshot of home.
Cozy snapshot of home.


After I finished work on December 23, we headed to Nathan’s parents’ house to celebrate with them. We had a delicious dinner and followed it up with gifts and dessert. We really enjoyed our time there and couldn’t believe it was past 11 p.m. by the time we left – time flies when you are having fun!

The next morning, Nate and I celebrated our Christmas. We had a yummy breakfast before opening our stockings and presents. Nathan got me a bobble head for my desk of Jevon Kearse! He knows me so well 🙂

2014-12-24 10.29.37

Breakfast and Bible reading to kick off Christmas!
Breakfast and Bible reading to kick off Christmas!

Afterward, we headed south to stay with my family for the week. I have been looking forward to this trip for so long! My sister and brother-in-law flew in from Houston (haven’t seen them since early July), my grandparents came up from Tullahoma (haven’t seen them since the wedding), and Ted was home from school in Nashville (haven’t seen him since…October? At least? Geeze…) What I’m saying is – the family together-time was MUCH needed for this girl!

IMG_1452 - Version 2

Christmas Eve festivities began with church in Louisville, followed by our usual dinner at KT’s and driving to look at lights after that. We finished by having dessert at home and visiting.

Annual Christmas Eve dinner picture at KT’s 🙂
2014-12-24 19.25.22
Amazing lights!

Christmas Day was a lot of fun. We had a big brunch together and most of the morning was spent opening presents with each other.

IMG_1500We were very spoiled this year! One really special gift was this pillow from my mom. It is handmade and includes lace, ribbons and beading from both my wedding dress and hers. I will cherish this forever!2014-12-25 13.10.20

My sister and Luke also got us some really cool wall art for our house. How perfect is this?!2014-12-25 13.09.52

We also had some fun dressing up with some props that Ali and Luke had from their most recent race.

2014-12-25 09.16.58

I really can’t put into words how nice it was to spend time with family at home for the holidays. Nathan totally spoiled me with presents this year, but I told him earlier – the best gift he could’ve possibly given me was so much quality time with my family. It is a rare occasion that we can all make it home nowadays that these times are really special for all of us!

2014-12-25 09.13.32

Hope your Christmas was just as enjoyable as ours and that the same can be said for New Year’s!

One thought on “Merry Married Christmas!

  1. I can only say that you captured it beautifully. It was a treasured time to have all of you here with us 🙂

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