Over the weekend, we finally went on our long-awaited trip to Houston to visit my sister and Luke! It kicked off Nathan’s spring break, and it also just so happens to have been his birthday weekend! What better way to celebrate than with warmer weather and awesome people? 🙂

Before we left on Friday, Nathan got to open his gift from Ali and Luke. It was a great way to start the weekend (and end his exam block), and he loved the glasses they got for him. We are already making plans to use them once Step 1 is over and done with. It will be an awesome way to celebrate!

2015-03-13 14.45.38 2015-03-13 14.46.25

We had smooth travels the whole way. When we got in Friday night, the fun began right away. It was so great to see Alison and Luke. We haven’t been with them since we were all home for Christmas, so it felt like it had been WAY too long!

We spent the first night hanging out and catching up, eating our weight in hummus and Cadbury eggs, before calling it a night. I’m pretty sure Nathan and I slept more than we have in months while we were there…It was such a perfect getaway.

The next day was “the pi day of the century” – 3/14/15. It was also officially Nathan’s 24th birthday! We’ve been doing a little celebrating all week long, but for the actual day, we really did it in style.

We spent most of the day enjoying the sunny Houston weather. They recently redid their patio, and it was so refreshing to sit outside and enjoy some cold drinks on a warm day. 2015-03-14 16.20.43 2015-03-14 16.25.54

Before long, it was time to get ready for dinner. Thanks to our awesome hosts, we had reservations at a place Nathan and I have wanted to try FOREVER: Fogo de Chao! It certainly lived up to our expectations and was way beyond anything we could’ve hoped for!2015-03-14 18.03.41 2015-03-14 18.09.07

2015-03-14 20.08.18
A happy birthday boy 🙂

We ate so much delicious food. Meats of all kind, which we had fun ranking throughout the meal. I think we changed our minds with each meat that came our way! Ultimately, Ali and I both agreed that the parmesan pork and bacon-wrapped chicken were the best. I would also put the petit filet up there…absolutely mouthwatering!

They also have an awesome salad bar, which we loaded up on (more than once…) 2015-03-14 19.14.00

We managed to hold out for dessert back at home. Earlier in the day, Luke made a Derby pie from scratch for us to enjoy. Alison also had an apple pie, and of course, Blue Bell ice cream on the side. Does it get any better than that?

2015-03-14 21.31.14 2015-03-14 21.31.45

All of the pie was delicious, and I think Nate definitely celebrated his pi day birthday the right way! 2015-03-14 21.34.31We left Sunday around noon which, of course, came way too fast. We always have the best time with Alison and Luke and feel so lucky that we got to spend the weekend at their home. It was such a nice trip and the perfect way to kick off Nathan’s spring break and his 24th year. We’re already plotting our next trip to visit them!

Now if only we could bottle up that Houston sunshine to bring home with us…

2 thoughts on “Nate’s 24th Birthday: Houston Style

  1. we LOVED having you here!!! it was so fun to catch up and such a pretty weekend! I am still daydreaming about our dinner and that derby pie. I think we have one last piece left we are going to have to fight over 🙂 love you sister!

    1. You guys are seriously the best! Nate and I will both be daydreaming about the whole trip for a looong time…at least until the next visit of course 😉 Love you so much Ali!

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