This Easter, the Beachys decided to switch things up and start off our day celebrating with a brunch instead of our usual dinner. Nathan had a great idea for our contribution to the meal – sausage balls!

Sausage balls are a Hartog staple. I told him that those are the one thing that are non-negotiable when it comes to holiday breakfasts at home. I was so glad he wanted to make them for us to have in Indy too! They are pretty simple to put together, but I’d never made them myself, so it was fun to try it together.

We cooked these up on Saturday to have ready for Sunday morning and they turned out flawlessly! Our tiny kitchen apartment smelled exactly like home to me, and having my hands elbow-deep to mix up the ingredients brought back so many memories of walking into the kitchen at home on holiday mornings and seeing my mom the exact same way.2015-04-04 11.34.18

I won’t be sharing the recipe…family secret! I know, what a tease. But I had to pry the recipe from my mom’s brain so I’m not about to turn around and give it away. I will admit that one key ingredient is Tennessee Pride sausage. You could probably use any kind, but when Mom says she always uses Tennessee Pride, you know not to mess with a good thing!2015-04-04 11.33.23

These are delicious, easy and a total crowd pleaser. Now that we know how to make them, if you invite us over for brunch, we just might bring some for you to try too – as long as we don’t eat them all ourselves first 🙂

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