Weekends always go by too quickly, but last weekend was even more of a whirlwind than usual! For a long time, my mom and I had been planning and prepping for Sunday, April 19 – the day of my best friend’s bridal shower that we hosted!

Olivia (the bride-to-be) and I go way back. We met when we were four and five years old and have been inseparable ever since!

Soccer teammates! Can you tell which one I am? 😉

As her matron of honor, I had the privilege of planning a bridal shower for her in our hometown. My mom, as always, was my teammate and lifesaver for getting it all planned.

Nathan and I headed home Saturday morning to get the weekend started. It was actually a really fun time to be in town because it was Thunder Over Louisville weekend! Nathan hadn’t even heard of Thunder before we started dating, so it was really fun to get to tell him all about the air show and fireworks and for him to see it.

My mom and I worked hard on Saturday afternoon to get everything organized for the shower. Afterward, we went to get manicures to treat ourselves. Always love having some good girl time when I’m home! 2015-04-18_17.05.47[1]After that, we met the guys at one of my favorite restaurants for dinner – Cafe Lou Lou! Oh, how I miss hometown food…This was a portabello chicken wrap and it was AWESOME (and huge). They also have incredible pizza. You really can’t go wrong!


Sunday morning started off with brunch at home. Mom made overnight French toast casserole, sausage, eggs and fruit. As always – she outdid herself. This was delicious and very much needed to fuel us through setting up the shower! 2015-04-19_09.21.57[1]

Before we knew it, it was time to head out! We arrived at the event space, The Loft, around noon. After helping us unpack the car, Nate left to go study and my dad, mom and I spent the next two hours decorating, organizing and getting everything ready. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun to see everything come together after so much planning!


Here are some highlights:

A mimosa bar – people LOVED this! Alison gave us this idea and it was a huge hit.



2015-04-19_12.54.19[1]A + Z centerpieces. Our theme was “A to Z” because her last name will go from starting with an A to a Z when she gets married. We used the centerpieces to play one of the games at the shower – 21 questions to get to know more about the couple. People held up a Z if they thought it was about the groom and an A if it was about the bride. Everyone loved it! (My mom and I made these centerpieces by hand – a labor of love!)2015-04-19_13.56.20[1]

People wrote words of wisdom on one side of the notecard at their seat, and they wrote their favorite memory with Olivia on the other. My mom and I got her a photo album to put these in after the shower to serve as a guestbook! We also used the memories for a game toward the end, where Olivia had to guess who had written which memory. It got people laughing too 🙂


Our theme for food was “the start of a sweet life together”…aka DESSERTS!

2015-04-19_13.49.28[1] 2015-04-19_13.49.17[1] 2015-04-19_13.49.01[1]

For the prizes we made cookie jars with all of the ingredients for people to take. We also gave bouquets of flowers to Olivia, her mom, her grandma and the mother of the groom.


Still smiling at the end – my partner in crime!

2015-04-19_14.22.20[1]It was hard to leave Sunday evening after such a fun weekend with my parents, but work on Monday meant we had to head out soon after the shower. My mom and I both kept getting texts raving on the shower, which kept me smiling late into the night. Hearing that Olivia was thrilled with the shower made everything SO worth it, and my mom and I really enjoyed getting to throw a party together for someone we care about so much.

Now that the shower is taken care of…on to the bachelorette party! 🙂

3 thoughts on “A Lovely April Bridal Shower

  1. Again, this looks like it is straight out of pinterest. I love the overall theme. The cookie jar party favors is such a cute idea! I also really like the memory book. That will be so nice for Olivia to have! And of course the A-Z sticks that you guys used for the game were so cute!

    You all really outdid yourselves! I know it was much appreciated!

    1. Thanks sister! As you know, your idea of the mimosa bar was the hit of the party! Just so happy with how it all came together…Yay for pinterest 😉

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