This week was Nathan’s last week of classes and 11 months since our wedding…two great excuses for a date night! We went back and forth all week on where to go, but finally decided on 10-01 in Broad Ripple.

The only other time we went to 10-01 was the weekend we got engaged. It was the night after, and while I didn’t have my ring on (we’d dropped it off to get sized earlier that day) the waitress stopped me on our way out to tell me how “in love and sweet” we seemed with each other. I know I felt like we were glowing, but it was just so cool to have someone else see it too. That weekend was magical and I have nothing but great memories from our dinner at 10-01, so it’s crazy that we haven’t been back since until yesterday! After the great food and service we had, we certainly won’t wait as long this time to return.

We got seated by the window and enjoyed the view of the Monon and Broad Ripple Avenue while we waited. There was some great people watching now that it’s warmer out!

Nathan ordered the lamb burger with green beans. He did not stop raving on it – super juicy, “best gyro flavor” he’s ever had, “I’m getting this again next time we come”, etc. In other words, two thumbs way up from Nate!

2015-04-23 18.21.55The same could be said for me. I got ridiculously excited when I saw scallops and risotto on the menu. This is my FAVORITE dinner for special occasions, and despite the price, I couldn’t resist ordering it. 2015-04-23 18.21.58

Yep, that’s bacon on top. Ah. Ma. Zing. One of the biggest perks of date night? Getting to try some of both.  I concur with Nathan’s sentiments toward the lamb burger, and he agreed that my scallops and risotto were top notch, too. 2015-04-23 18.19.18

We cleared our plates and left with full and happy stomachs (though leaving was a bit difficult…we didn’t want to move! Haha). 2015-04-23 18.19.12

It was such a great treat to head out on a weekday for a date. With Step 1 less than a month (!) away, we’re treasuring every free bit of time we get together, and this was definitely time well spent.

We’re already looking forward to our next excuse for a nice night out. Until then…I’ll be drooling over these pictures 🙂

3 thoughts on “11 Months Anniversary Date Night

  1. I still can’t get over the name of this restaurant! Luke and I will HAVE to go when we come visit you guys 🙂 Those scallops looks AMAZING. I agree, you can never go wrong with scallops and risotto! You two look so cute ! so glad you got a nice date night with the new Spring weather!

    1. It’s a date!! Whenever you all find yourselves in our city, this place will definitely be on our to-do list 🙂 Aren’t scallops and risotto amazing? If I knew how to make them myself our budget would be in BIG trouble. Haha and yes, Indy’s weather is finally catching up to Houston’s, at long last!

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