We had some special guests on Saturday! My parents came to visit us, and they totally brightened up a rainy April day.

April showers-->May flowers :)
April showers–>May flowers 🙂

My mom and I have some projects we’re working on, so we got to take care of those while Dad relaxed and Nate studied. It was so great to see them after such a quick goodbye last weekend after the shower!

Once it was dinnertime, we headed to Flatwater in Broad Ripple. Since the last time we went, they’ve revamped their menu. It was fun to try some new stuff! Everything was delicious, of course.

2015-04-25 18.43.19

We started with soup and salads, and each of us ordered seafood for our entree. Dad got the walleye fish and chips, Nate got the cod sandwich, Mom had mahi mahi tacos, and I had the mahi mahi with mango and coconut rice.

2015-04-25 18.43.15

It was to die for! It had some great spice to it, too. I definitely would get it again if we came back, and I may even put it on par with the scallops and risotto. I’ve been eating well this week, to say the least!

We all left super full but definitely satisfied with the meal. 2015-04-25 18.43.41

Mom and Dad headed out after that and we enjoyed a relaxing night at home before going to bed.

One of the great things about when they come see us is that it’s a gift that keeps on giving…My mom made an overnight French toast casserole (like we enjoyed so much last weekend at home) for us to have this morning for Sunday brunch! 2015-04-26 09.31.39

All I had to do was throw it in the oven and voila! An awesome dinner and a delicious breakfast, courtesy of Mama Tog and Papa Tog 🙂

We always enjoy seeing them and it’s been such a treat to have them around the last few weeks as Nate’s studying picks up. Already looking forward to next time, as always!

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