As of yesterday, Nathan is halfway through med school! For the past two weeks, he has been taking finals AND studying for Step 1, which is now just two weeks away. It’s hard to believe…but we’re both finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

Finals weeks look like a lot of this: 2015-05-05 19.02.42Even though Nathan’s month of summer has now begun, he is studying harder than ever before as he heads into the final stretch. Keep sending good vibes his way!

For final exam fuel, I made a remix of our Swiss Cheese Chicken + Stuffing recipe for dinner. We put it over noodles instead of rice and both agreed we like this version even more! 2015-05-04 18.36.07

Even though Nathan is under more pressure than ever with school stuff, he managed to sweep me off my feet one day this week when I got home from work and found this waiting for me: 2015-05-05 17.07.42

That says “11 months, 11 days”….11 is my lucky number (I’m a bit obsessed about it) and he got me a dozen roses and an anniversary card for 11 months and 11 days after our wedding! How perfect is he? SUCH a thoughtful thing to do – especially considering how much else he has going on right now!

Even though the big test still looms ahead, we made a point of celebrating the fact that he made it through finals and went on a date night Friday for the occasion. We’ve had a gift card for Three Sisters Cafe in Broad Ripple for awhile (I think since my graduation last year around this time!), but between their odd hours and relocation throughout this year, we hadn’t had a chance to go until last night.

It was SO worth the wait and we both agreed not to wait nearly as long to go back this time!

2015-05-08 18.45.36We’ve been here a few times for brunch and only once before for dinner. I love their breakfast food but after last night, I may prefer their dinner menu even more. You really can’t go wrong!
2015-05-08 18.45.42

Nathan ordered the D’Nai, which was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. I had that sandwich the first time he took me here and can vouch for how delicious it is. It’s similar to a French dip sandwich but even better than that, if you can imagine. The potato salad was also incredible, of course. (Lucky me- he shared!)2015-05-08 18.51.03I got the Mediterranean chicken salad and oh. my. word. It was so much better than I can even tell you!2015-05-08 18.51.00

Hiding under all that deliciously seasoned chicken is parmesan, feta, wilted spinach tossed with pesto grains and tomatoes. Holy cow…I know that may not sound like anything special but it was amazing!

We both left extremely satisfied and eager to come back again soon 🙂 The food was good, the prices were more than decent…it’s right up our alley!

Hope you all are enjoying your weekends too. Here’s one last picture from my walk during lunch one day this week to capture some of the great spring weather we’re having lately! Try to get out enjoy it if you can – I know I will 🙂2015-05-06 12.30.36




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