We arrived at Oma’s house around 2 on Wednesday afternoon. It was so great visiting with her and Paul on their back porch. It was another beautiful day and Oma’s garden and bird feeders make their backyard like an oasis.

2015-05-27 15.43.25 2015-05-27 15.43.29 2015-05-27 15.43.34

Mom and Dad got into town a couple hours afterward, and it wasn’t much longer until we all headed out to Tims Ford State Park to eat at Blue Gill Grill on the lake.

2015-05-27 17.57.32

A few of my cousins work at Blue Gill Grill, and I’ve been there to eat several times. My family used to vacation at Tims Ford quite a bit when we were younger, and it is such a beautiful place to be. We both loved going out there!

2015-05-27 17.57.15

Pretty much the whole family was able to come – all of my mom’s siblings, most of my cousins and their significant others joined us on the dock for dinner. It was so much fun visiting with everyone! It is rare that we all manage to get together in one place, so this was a special and much appreciated get-together that Oma organized for our visit.

2015-05-27 18.01.40 After a great dinner of seafood, Nathan and I got to see my cousin Clint’s house. He and his fiancée are getting married later in June, so it was fun to see how they’re getting everything set up at home. My cousin Olivia and her boyfriend also hung out with us there for awhile. We had a blast with everyone!

On Thursday we headed back to Indy, but not before a breakfast at the Donut Palace with Oma, Paul, Mom and Dad. The Donut Palace has been a mainstay of our Tullahoma visits for as long as I can remember, so it was a lot of fun to go back. 2015-05-28 09.33.10Nathan and I split an old fashioned donut, apple fritter and sausage and cheese kolache. We both agreed they were all amazing, and had a really tough time picking a favorite. Guess it’s a good thing we got all three 😉 The donuts were perfect fuel for a road trip back north!2015-05-28 09.33.39

We had a wonderful week in Tennessee and are already making plans for when we can go back. The best part was getting to see so much family and to have time to spend with everyone – not to mention being with each other without Step 1 looming overhead. It was the perfect getaway and an incredible start to our second year of marriage 🙂

3 thoughts on “Our Trip to Tullahoma

    1. When do I NOT want an apple fritter?! You know there’s one with your name on it at Donut Palace anytime you want one 😉

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