On June 11, I turned 24 years old! Thanks to some awesome weather and a few other things, it felt like I got to celebrate all week long.

The Saturday before my birthday, I treated myself to a haircut at my favorite place in Broad Ripple, Ado Hair Design. I haven’t had it cut in almost five months, so it felt especially good to get it freshened up!

2015-06-06 13.31.16

Going to this place was a special treat and I can totally tell the difference. Every time I go it just makes me more excited for the next time when I get to come back!

On Wednesday, I had an afternoon dentist appointment, which meant leaving work a couple hours early. Luckily the appointment went smoothly (yay for no cavities!) and left me with some extra play time in my day.

Nate met me at home and we hit up the pool at our apartment complex for the first time since we moved. We both loved it! The sun was shining, I got some reading done, and we both just kicked back for a little extra R+R in our day.

2015-06-10 16.37.14

On my actual birthday, I got a couple cards from coworkers which made the workday seem special. There was also a strawberry festival happening downtown right outside my building, so it felt like the whole city was in a celebratory mood all day!

After work, Nathan took me to dinner at Three Sisters Cafe in Broad Ripple. I’ve been craving this place since the last time we went and it did not disappoint. Dare I say that it was even better this time?! This could mean trouble for our restaurant budget! 😉

2015-06-11 18.14.40

2015-06-11 18.14.56

We both loved our meals. I got the Mediterranean Chicken Salad which is basically a little lettuce with a lot of cheese, grains, and chicken. So good – the seasoning is out of this world.

2015-06-11 18.30.26Nathan got his usual – the D’Nai. An incredible ham and cheese sandwich that reminds me a lot of a French dip. I’m a lucky girl because he shares!

2015-06-11 18.30.31

Back at home, I opened presents and cards that had come in the mail. I felt like one spoiled lady! People are so thoughtful and always know just what to say to make me feel special. This birthday was no exception! I got a few things I’d asked for and a few surprise gifts too, which made it all so fun!

2015-06-11 19.37.41

For the finale to my birthday, we enjoyed the NBA finals with a side of dessert: Ina Garten’s baked chocolate pudding. I requested it and Nathan made it for me on Wednesday evening. It was so hard not to dig in until Thursday night!

He totally nailed the recipe and it was just how I remembered it: basically brownie batter with a nice chocolate crust. Warmed up and served a la mode it is heaven in a bowl! A lot of people say it’s rich but I say it’s perfect that way 🙂

Usually my sweet tooth is insatiable, but this is one dessert that totally satisfies it. I highly recommend trying it – especially if you can get a sweet guy to make it for you so all you have to do is enjoy it 😉

2015-06-11 21.04.32

Thanks to everyone who helped make my first few days as a 24 year old extra wonderful. I feel so loved and can’t wait to see what this year has in store!

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