Friday night was the ideal date night. Nathan had taken his neuro exam that morning, Devour Downtown had begun, and we had a resolution to uphold! We wrapped up January with a new-to-us place downtown: Forty Five Degrees. I pass this place on my way home from work and we’d heard good things, so when we saw the deal they were offering for Devour – three course meal for two at $35 total – we decided to give it a try!

I’m SO glad we did. I told Nathan that part of what makes certain dates fun for me is feeling like we’re discovering new parts of our city even after living here for two years. Participating in Devour – something I’ve always wanted to try but the timing just never worked out – is one of those things. I’m so glad we had this window of opportunity to take advantage of it this year!

2016-01-29 18.18.21

As soon as we walked in the door, I got good vibes from the restaurant. The decor was really cool, with an open floor plan but a little sushi bar as well. It sits on one of those diagonal corners that Mass Ave is known for, so the whole angled-room thing was cool and different.

2016-01-29 18.18.36

For their Devour menu, we each got to pick a salad to start and a shared appetizer. We each got the 45° Salad – Field Greens / Feta Cheese / Toasted Almonds / Dried Cranberries / Cranberry Balsamic Dressing Ginger. And for the app, since Nathan is the sushi master, I let him choose for us. He went with Spicy Salmon- 8pc Salmon, spicy sauce, cucumber and sprouts. I loved it! I know I can always trust his taste with sushi 🙂 2016-01-29 18.19.37 2016-01-29 18.19.40 2016-01-29 18.19.43

For our entrees, I got the Mongolian Chicken – Stir-fried Vegetables / Basmati Rice. 2016-01-29 18.31.33Nathan went with Soy Stuffed Tilapia- Parmesan Panko crusted / Blue Crab stuffed / Asparagus / Toasted Almonds / Spicy Lobster Sauce / Basmati Rice. 2016-01-29 18.31.38Both were amazing! We shared bites (of course) and were both extremely happy with our celebratory meal. 

Being the bargain hunters that we are, we loved knowing that we paid half of what we normally would have for this meal by going during Devour. Something about saving money (and eating delicious food) just makes date nights so much more fun 😉

We’ll definitely be taking advantage of Devour Downtown again, and it was a great way to kick off our year of trying new restaurants in Indy!

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