It is officially the fifth month of the year, and Nate and I have, for the most part, continued to rock our New Year’s Resolution. Of course, it is one we are both motivated to keep up, as it means more fun date nights together 🙂

Our resolution was to try one new restaurant a month (we have a growing list of places) and also go out to eat at one old place each month, whether it’s with a gift card, coupon, or just because we’re craving it. So far, we are knocking it out of the park!

This past weekend, we barely snuck in April’s new restaurant by going out for lunch at Ripple Bagel Deli. It was actually the first place on our list to try, but we kept having trouble finding a good day to go. This Saturday, the last day in April, was finally the day!

While rain poured outside, we cozied up inside of this small Broad Ripple spot for a couple hours to enjoy our sandwiches and each other’s company. It was a perfect date!

2016-04-30 13.45.14

With dozens of items on the menu, it took us awhile to order. We had a blast just reading through the endless creative options, not to mention the names! In the end, Nathan went the breakfast route with the Ga-Ga-Gabor: bacon, ham, scrambled egg, smoked cheddar and American cheese on a plain bagel.

2016-04-30 13.45.19-1

And I went with the Mr. Turkey: turkey, provolone, lettuce, tomato and mayo on plain bagel.

2016-04-30 13.46.29

Both were SO good! We shared a few bites with each other and loved what we got. I’m sure everything on the menu is delicious and we can’t wait to go back and try more! They steam the bagels, which I think makes a huge difference. This was a perfect hot lunch on a rainy spring day, and we followed it up with a movie in the afternoon. Perfection!

We’ve also been cooking a few new dishes here and there this spring too. This month we tried avocado toast with fried eggs for lunch (amazing!) and stuffed peppers for dinner. Both were big hits in our house!

This month (May) we have our anniversary, and we’ll be trying Bluebeard for a celebratory dinner. Next month is my birthday, so I have a few new places in mind that we can try for a birthday dinner out. Should be able to keep the resolution going strong!

So far, here’s our resolution roundup:

January: Forty-Five Degrees
February: Blind Owl Brewery
March: Nothing new (but a couple old standbys). Surgery rotation + me starting a new job = swamped
April: Ripple Bagel Deli

To be continued… 🙂

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