On Saturday, I was lucky enough to have Mom visit for a much needed Girls’ Day. We’ve been able to do these every so often ever since I’ve lived in Indy, and they are always such a treat!

With warmer weather finally coming around, we had a great day being out and about in the city.

First, I got a haircut at my favorite salon in Broad Ripple. Next time, we’ll both be getting ours done at this place and I can’t wait for Mom to try it!

After that, we joined the crowds and walked through Broad Ripple (there was an art fair going on so lots of people out and about on such a pretty day) to our lunch spot. I’d made reservations for us at The Cake Bake Shop, a place I’d been dying to try that seemed perfect for the two of us. It did not disappoint!

2016-05-21 13.38.23
My cute lunch date!
From the moment we walked in the door it felt more like a London tea shop or Parisian patisserie than somewhere in Indiana. The decor and ambience were flawless – SO girly, and therefore perfect for Girls’ Day 🙂
The dessert counter. So pretty down to the very last detail!
The dessert counter. So pretty down to the very last detail!
We got a table right by the window. The perfect spot for two!
2016-05-21 12.16.44
Mom got a lavender latte and generously shared some sips with me.
2016-05-21 12.31.33
The lunch menu was simple but so good. They offer a quiche, sandwich, soup, and salad every day. We decided to try the quiche and sandwich, which was Quiche Lorraine and Ham & Gruyere the day we were there. So glad I got to try both!
2016-05-21 12.44.00-2
The quiche literally melts in your mouth and the crust was to die for. The bread for the sandwich was also top notch. I loved our meals but wanted to save room for the star of the show: dessert!
2016-05-21 12.43.55
Mom joked about how the lunch menu was one page and then there were about 5-6 pages of their desserts after that. Clearly this place has their priorities in order!
We decided to split a piece of the Hummingbird Cake. It’s one of our family favorites (Oma always makes it) and it just happened to be one of the 5 or so cakes they’d baked fresh that morning! Couldn’t pass it up and it was a perfectly sweet ending to our meal.2016-05-21 13.24.56 2016-05-21 13.26.29-2
Next on our list was a manicure and pedicure at our favorite spot in Castleton. It was so nice to get my nails spruced up and just relax! It’ll be really nice to have my nails done for mine and Nathan’s anniversary date later this week, too 🙂2016-05-21 15.51.58
Of course, we had to go to the Fashion Mall for a bit. I found some cute shorts and we just wandered around taking our time. I think my favorite part of these days with Mom is the time to talk about anything and everything and just hang out. Being long distance means a lot of phone calls where our conversations are confined to windows of rare free time, but spending whole days together means that we can just walk and talk as we please. I love it!

It was a perfect way to spend a Saturday in May and I’m already looking forward to the next one! Thanks for such a fun visit, Mom 🙂

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