It may be called birth”day”, but I felt like I got a whole week of fun this year! Nathan and I planned a couple little dates leading up to my birthday which made the whole week feel celebratory. We went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner on Wednesday and enjoyed a walk in the neighborhood in the evening! Simple but so nice to have a midweek date 🙂

Friday things really got started thanks to my awesome coworkers. I can’t say it enough: this job has been the best thing for me! The people make all the difference, and from the minute I walked in on Friday, I felt so loved.

2016-06-10 07.47.38

The team had a surprise lunch planned for me, and I was ECSTATIC when we rolled into the Cake Bake Shop! I think I literally squealed. It is one of my favorite “special occasion” places for lunch. They know me so well!

I got the quiche for lunch (of course)…

2016-06-10 11.47.55-1

…and the lemon blueberry cake for dessert. Seriously delicious! Perfectly sweet and refreshing for the summer months. (I had already dug in by the time I took a photo…I promise it was much prettier beforehand!)

2016-06-10 12.28.32

I also tried one of their specialty teas, White Wedding. It was incredible! I love how I got my own little teapot 🙂

2016-06-10 12.25.22

All in all it was a great workday. They treated me well and got my birthday celebrations off to a great start!

The fun continued that night with a night out with Nathan. We hit up Panera and made good use of their new summer menu…

2016-06-10 18.36.18

First strawberry poppyseed chicken salad of the season! I like having a birthday in the season when seasonal menu items are my favorite 🙂

Then it was off to Broad Ripple for our FAVORITE summer activity: walking on the Monon with melty Nicey treats!

2016-06-10 19.55.18-2

We had enough popsicle sticks saved from last season (10) to get one free popsicle. Cheap but delicious dates are our specialty 🙂 We both got dark chocolate covered toasted coconut – our fave flavor!

After walking for a bit on the Monon (and making a royal mess of ourselves with melty popsicles), we headed home to catch the Cavs and Warriors game before calling it a night.

The next morning I woke up feeling totally different…NOT. But it was still fun to be officially 25 and have a whole day full of celebrations ahead of us! The sun was shining and it was the perfect morning for our first Broad Ripple Farmers’ Market trip of the year.

I knew I wanted a Walking Waffle for breakfast. I tried one toward the end of the market season last year and it has been in my dreams ever since…

2016-06-11 09.08.36

It did not disappoint! The key is that these are liege waffles, so they’re made with pearl sugar that crystallizes on the outside. You don’t need syrup or anything – they’re perfectly sweet on their own and so dense on the inside! I love all the fresh berries you can get on top too. My perfect summer breakfast 🙂 Having a birthday on a Saturday when the Farmers’ Market is open is so fun!

2016-06-11 09.12.50-1

After we got home, I hit the pool to read and write while Nathan helped his parents move. It was a hot day so the pool was hopping! I got some good reading done but didn’t stay out too long…I wanted to save my energy for the festivities planned for the evening!

We decided to open some presents at home before dinner, including one from Ali and Luke!2016-06-11 14.53.29

They decked me out with all my favorite makeup! Ali was the one who taught me to do my makeup in the first place (and she did mine for many special occasions, like prom in high school), so it was such a fitting gift from her.

2016-06-11 14.53.52

I might be 25 years old, but my big sister will always be my go-to for makeup help!

I put the makeup to good use and got cleaned up for dinner at Napolese with both sides of the family. As soon as I saw Mom, Dad, and Ted get out of their cars it felt like the party was really about to start!

2016-06-11 17.36.06

It just kept getting better once we met up with Don, Jo, Tim and Zach. It is rare that we can all get together at once, so just having them all there was enough of a gift for me this year!

2016-06-11 18.55.27

They completely spoiled me this year, both with their presence and presents (heh heh…) I’m a very lucky girl!

Napolese was a really cool restaurant and I’m glad we got to try it. We split five pizzas, and I think my favorite was a Thai chicken one (but all of them were delicious). Everything was done so well and I definitely want to go back. They use local ingredients and it really makes a difference!

2016-06-11 18.55.56

Our pizza was good fuel for the fun to continue after dinner. Nathan dropped me and Ted off for The Lumineers concert at the Murat. I was a little bit excited…

2016-06-11 21.42.21

Ted got tickets for us the day they went on sale, and I have been counting down ever since! I am still speechless about how great they were! They were better than I ever hoped, and I can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday night than listening to great music with my little brother.

2016-06-11 21.52.39

Our seats were great and the energy level was high the whole time. The Lumineers are even more amazing live, and there were several “pinch me” moments throughout the show for me. I just can’t believe I actually got to see them play, and it’s all thanks to Ted!

When we got home, even though my birthday was officially over (it was 12:30a.m. by this point), we still ended on a sweet note.

2016-06-12 00.18.04

Mom surprised me with a hummingbird cake from Sweet Stuff Bakery in New Albany (our family favorite), so me, Nathan, and Ted all had a piece before calling it a day.

2016-06-12 00.19.06

Can’t have a birthday that doesn’t end in cake, right?! The boys even sang to me before I blew out the candles. It was great 🙂

All in all it was one of my best birthdays yet, and I hope it’s a sign of things to come for my 25th year! Thank you to everyone who helped make it so special for me. I feel so loved by such incredible people. ❤

9 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend Fun: Turning 25

  1. What a perfect birthday week! I can’t believe my baby sister is 25!!! Eeek! That lunch with your co-workers looks amazing! I’m so glad you like the makeup! I’ll never forget getting to help you for prom and your wedding – such an honor! Also, I am SERIOUSLY jealous of that hummingbird cake. ugh! I need sweet stuff asap! 😉 Love you sisterfriend!

    1. Come visit and I’ll save you a slice (or two- one for you and the baby too)! 🙂 Love you infinity, Ali!

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