June flew by! It’s always my favorite month of the year: the days are longer, the weather heats up, and every weekend is packed with fun. This June was no exception!

Nathan finished up third year and eased into fourth year this month, and with a lighter schedule for the first time since February (when his surgery rotation began), we took full advantage of some fun dates with each other, friends, and family!

2016-06-19 09.06.18-1

We outdid our resolution by trying THREE new restaurants this month (in addition to a lot of old standbys like Nicey Treat, Panera, Brugge…) The opportunities came up and we just couldn’t say no.  First, for my birthday dinner, we tried Napolese with both sides of the family. As you recall, the pizza was amazing and we are definitely big fans!

We followed it up the next weekend with lunch at Café Patachou (Martha Hoover’s other restaurant and another Indy staple) with my fourth grade teacher and her husband who were in town for the day. We love visiting with them when we get the chance, and it was also fun to try a new spot while we did! We’d been to Petit Chou in Broad Ripple before, but the Patachou downtown was the real deal – much bigger menu and absolutely delicious. We want to make it a weekend brunch staple! We walked on the canal together afterward, which made it more than just a good meal – it turned into a whole afternoon of fun together.

Lastly (literally the last night of June), we got carryout from GT South’s. It’s a BBQ place that is less than a mile from our place. It’s been on our “need to try” list for probably a year now, so it was about time! We picked it up and brought it back home to eat on the patio.

I got the pulled pork platter, which comes with cornbread and two sides. I chose mac ‘n cheese (duh) and green beans. The perfect combo!

2016-06-30 18.58.04
The money shot. I was too eager to eat to take any more pics before we dug in!

Nate got the brisket platter with cornbread, mashed potatoes and gravy, and baked beans. He got the spicy BBQ sauce on his and I stuck with mild for mine. We shared bites of everything, and it was all delicious!!! Seriously so good. Barbecue and mac ‘n cheese is one of my favorite meals, so it was a lot of fun to find a place close by that does it so well!

We were both a little surprised at the price, so it likely won’t be a regular stop for us, but definitely a fun date option. We were glad we finally got around to trying it – better late than never!

We’re kicking July off in style by taking a long weekend trip to Houston for the 4th. More importantly, we’ll be there for my sister’s baby shower! A lot of family is coming to town and it will be great to catch up with everyone. While June is my favorite month, I already have a feeling July will give it a run for its money… J

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