If med school could be equated to a lifetime, then 4th year = retirement, at least so far! Nathan is finally getting to do the rotations he wants to do with the doctors he wants to do them with, and it is SUCH a nice change of pace. After four loooong months of surgery this spring (February through May), he is finally getting back to being “human”…aka sleeping regularly, having a more routine schedule, having weekends free, etc.

We are officially 2 months into fourth year – the final year – and so far it’s been treating us well. It doesn’t hurt that it’s summertime and beautiful in Indianapolis, which has allowed us to be out and about for some fun dates and time with friends and family.

Here are some things I’ve noticed are different for us so far this (school)year:

  • Margin – We actually have breathing room these days now that I’ve settled into my new job and Nathan’s in fourth year, and we are so grateful for it. Of course, there’s margin built into fourth year for a reason. There’s a LOT to figure out, and we are spending a lot of time reflecting about where we’ve been and projecting where we want to go. Exciting times ahead!
  • Confidence – Nathan is much more confident both in terms of what he wants to do (neurology) and that he’s capable of doing it. This time next year he will be Dr. Beachy, and I think more and more people in the clinics are starting to treat him that way. It’s so fun for me to see how much he has grown over the last few years of med school, and every day his gift for medicine becomes more and more apparent.
  • School—>Career – This year is the transition from student to doctor, and a lot of energy goes into that process. Nathan is working on his resume, personal statement, and residency applications in preparation for interview season later this fall. He is focused on long-term career/job aspects more than studying for tests, which is a necessary (and nice, but still a lot of pressure…) change.

The craziest part of med school – that whole “Match Day” thing –  is getting more and more real as fourth year sinks in. For now, we are having fun looking into different programs and are loving our time in Indy while we’re here. It will be fun to see where life takes us for the next step!

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