Nathan finished his last EM shift on Saturday, so some celebrating was in order!

It had been a stormy weekend but the sun came out for our date. Check out some of the storm damage in our area! We feel so lucky that aside from losing power for 10 hours and the internet all weekend, we didn’t have anything worse happen. Oh…and some car issues because of the high water. But other than that, we are all good 🙂

2016-08-27 09.12.14

We had been looking forward to a night out with nothing to do the next morning all month. Since his EM rotation started, we haven’t both had a day off together on a weekend. It’s been a long month! We wanted to take full advantage of our chance to be together and get back on the same page.

We decided to go to one of our favorite spots in Broad Ripple – Flatwater. The last time we went there was to celebrate the start of my new job, so it had been awhile! Clearly this place holds special memories for us!

At Flatwater, when the weather is nice, they open all the windows and the patio overlooks the canal. It almost felt like we were on vacation! (If only…)

2016-08-27 18.32.03

Nate got a couple good beers to go along with our delicious food. We started by splitting the wedge salad. It has bacon from a local meatery (Smoking Goose), avocado, green goddess dressing, pickled onions, and other flavors that really put it a notch above most other wedge salads I’ve tried. This is a must-have when we go to Flatwater!

2016-08-27 18.45.23

For our meals, Nathan got the pulled pork sandwich with amazing napa-corn slaw and the BEST fries and dipping sauce. They call the sauce sri-ranch-a…I must find a recipe because this stuff is addictive. Luckily he shares 🙂

2016-08-27 18.57.42

And I got the blackened mahi mahi with coconut rice, black beans, and mango salsa. I get this dish every time and am always so happy with my decision!

2016-08-27 18.57.31

We sat and talked for a while before going on a short walk on the nearby Monon Trail. It was nice to see people out and about enjoying the nice weather after such a stormy week!

All in all, it was a great celebration of Nathan’s hard work this month. I can’t believe he’s already 3 months into his last year of med school…time is flying by and the end is in sight!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating the End of EM at Flatwater

  1. So glad you guys were safe in the storms. It definitely sucks you didn’t have power and internet for so much of it, but I’m glad you guys seem to have stayed positive and make the best of it! Your dinner looks delicious! That wedge salad and those French fries are making me hungry!

    1. Thanks sister! I definitely think Flatwater deserves a spot on our Indy Bucket List for whenever you visit, for the fries and salad alone! 🙂

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