It’s been one of the best weeks of my LIFE…I got to meet my nephew, Jack!


I flew to Houston on Wednesday and stayed until Sunday. It was perfect timing – Nathan had his Step 2 board exams on Monday, so he was in hunker-down-and-study-mode while I was away getting in lots of sister time and baby snuggles.


He is even more precious than I ever imagined. I cannot get enough of this kid and am already planning my next trip back! I can’t wait for Nathan to meet him, too. A big bonus to my trip was a lot of quality time with my sister. We haven’t had a trip like that for awhile where just the two of us have lots of hangout time, so it was really a treat and much needed for me!


I also got to spend some good time with Luke on the weekend and evenings when he was home from work, which I loved. They’ve been together for 10 years now, so Luke absolutely feels like the big brother I always wanted while growing up. It was so special watching them now as parents, too! They are totally rocking it, of course. Jack is one lucky kid – he is so loved by so many already πŸ™‚

I came home to a big day. We’ve been counting down to 10/10 for awhile…it was the day of Step 2! Nathan has worked so hard to prepare for this test (as usual) and we were more than ready to have it over with. I planned a fun date for us afterward without telling him where we were going. I don’t get to surprise him often, so this was fun!


I wore a new dress I got while I was in Houston. Love having something to dress up in for special occasions!Β We went to The Local Eatery & Pub, a highly recommended spot in Westfield (and our “somewhere new” for this month). I can totally see why! They source most (if not all?) of their food from local farms, and the dishes are classics with a twist. I could’ve ordered anything on the menu and I’m sure it would’ve been delicious. I plan to go back to do just that πŸ˜‰


Nate started with a fun cocktail called the Deep Daly: deep eddy sweet tea vodka, lemonade, splash club soda. I had my usual sip and it was refreshing! Sort of like a long island iced tea.

We also split a delicious Caesar salad to start. Nate said it had a hint of thousand island dressing which made it taste “like a Big Mac” πŸ™‚


For our entrees,Β Nate went with their award winning Bloody Mary Burger (voted best in Indy this year!). It has:Β dry rubbed beef patty, bacon, bloody mary ketchup, pickled zucchini, pickled fresno chilis


Yum! I stole a few bites of both his burger and fries, and he said it was “one of the best burgers” he’s ever had. Win!

I went with the tomato tart:Β house baked tart with tomato, fall vegetables, arugula & parmesan


Buried under the arugula is a delicious, flaky tart (like pie crust) topped with lots of local produce and melted cheese. Sooo good! We both cleaned our plates and left happy as could be πŸ™‚ Heck of a Monday, if you ask me!


It’s been such a fun week and I am so grateful for all the good things happening lately. Fall is my favorite and I can’t wait for everything that’s in store!

6 thoughts on “Meeting Jack + Celebrating the End of Step 2!

  1. “a salad that tastes like a big mac” sounds like the best of all worlds! Love the way Jack is holding your finger πŸ™‚

    1. I couldn’t agree more! And him holding my finger is my favorite part of the whole pic ❀ πŸ™‚

  2. Aww we loved having you visit and miss you already! I swear Jack has been more fussy since you left! It was so nice to get sister time! Love you infinity!

    1. Nathan says I have been extra fussy since I got home too, for the same reason – missing my nephew and sister time!! πŸ˜‰ Just means I need to get back there ASAP. Love you infinity, Ali!

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