November is flying by! I can’t believe Thanksgiving is only a week away, but no complaints on my end – I can’t wait for the time with family (and good food, of course).

Nathan has been busy with a residency interview every week, so it has my days all jumbled and we find ourselves playing “catch up” whenever we can…like 1am at the airport last Friday. Hey, ’tis the (residency interview) season!

Luckily, we had a free night on Wednesday this week to sneak in our new restaurant for the month and go out for dinner together!

We (more accurately, I) chose Public Greens in Broad Ripple. We’ve passed this spot on the Monon Trail dozens of times during our walks there, but we’ve never stopped in for food. Better late than never!

Public Greens is an “urban kitchen with a mission.” They have a microfarm right across the trail that produces the food for their dishes and for donations to local youth. From their website: “All profits and crops go to feeding kids via the Patachou Foundation.” How cool is that?

I knew we were in for a treat because the restaurant was created by Martha Hoover, who also created Cafe Patachou and Napolese, a couple of our other local favorites. Now we can add Public Greens to the list!

Their menu changes every Friday and hosts a variety of creative dishes. We chose from some fresh, seasonal creations from their floor-to-ceiling chalkboard menu that greets you when you walk in.


In the interest of trying as much as we could, Nathan and I both opted to “Choose 3” for our plates. The restaurant is cafeteria style, so you order at the counter but they bring your tray to the table.

It didn’t take long at all for us to get our food.


Above, Nathan’s order of:

Black Eyed Peas black eyed peas, kale, tomatoes, peppers, corn, smoked onions, hot pepper vinaigrette

Fried Sweetshand cut sweet potato fries, brown sugar coriander dust

Pulled Pork – al pastor 


My selections included:

Butternut Squashbutternut squash, sage pesto, pears, wild rice, corn, whole lemon vinaigrette

Kalekale, cranberries, butternut squash, sage spiced pepitas, ginger vinaigrette

BBQ Chickenshredded

Needless to say, we cleared our plates! It was all so fresh and different from what other restaurants make. There were some flavors/seasonings that I’ve never tried before and I loved seeing how they were used in the different dishes. We shared bites of each other’s food so we got to try everything, and it was all delicious!

Nathan’s favorite: Pulled Pork (duh!)

My favorites: Fried Sweets (the seasoning was SO good and different from any other sweet potato fries I’ve had. I couldn’t get enough!) and Kale (I usually don’t like ginger but they used it well!)

As someone who appreciates fun/vintage/unique dishes (presentation IS everything after all!), I also have to give a gold star to the plates our dinners were on ❤ Loved them!

The dining area is sparse, but I think it’s intentionally simple. Put the money where it matters: good food and supporting local youth.


Public Greens is budget friendly and a restaurant you can feel good about. I loved knowing where our food came from (not just knowing, but being able to SEE the garden through the window!) and what our money is used for.

They have the lunch/dinner menu  but also offer breakfast which I would love to try. It was the first but hopefully not the last time we’ll go – I’m already curious to see what the menu is next week 🙂

3 thoughts on “Pretty Plates at Public Greens

  1. That all looks so delicious! Kudos to Nathan for trying veggie dishes like black eyed peas, haha! I’d love to put this restaurant on OUR list!

    1. I told him my southern mama would be proud of his black eyed peas! And I’d love to take you there – it’s a date 😀

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