It has been a whirlwind holiday season! With Nathan’s residency interviews practically every week, a hectic work schedule for me, and all the festivities that come with this time of year, December has flown by. We realized if we didn’t plan one soon, we wouldn’t have time (or a free evening) for our own Christmas celebration!

While we enjoy being with our families for Christmas, we’ve made a tradition (so far) of doing an early Christmas with just the two of us. This usually includes a nice dinner out, and this year was no exception! We chose Late Harvest Kitchen, our new restaurant for the month and a nice spot for a special date.

Like many of our favorite restaurants this year, Late Harvest Kitchen uses fresh, local ingredients for all of their dishes. The chef used to work at Oceanaire, a top notch seafood restaurant downtown, so I knew we were in for a treat!

Pro tip: request the bread basket! It’s complimentary, but they only bring it if you ask 😉


This was a great way to start the meal. We both loved the variety, and all the breads are baked fresh in-house each day. We split each one in half so we could both try everything! And of course the butter was melt-in-your-mouth perfection with each flaky, doughy bite. Mmmm…if anything, this year I’ve gained newfound appreciate for the power of a good bread basket. Delish!

Our waiter was super knowledgeable about every dish and ingredient used, but it made our decision hard – everything sounded amazing! We knew this would be a “sharing” meal, so we chose our top two picks and went for it, promising to trade plates.


Entree #1: Lamb with polenta, topped with pine nuts and mushroom demi

The lamb literally fell off the bone in juicy, flavorful bites. So good! Paired with the creamy polenta and crunch of the pine nuts, each bite was worth savoring. Such a unique dish and so glad we tried it! Our waiter told us the chef was featuring this entree for that night only by special request of a large party there. We both loved this and felt like we got lucky by going when it was there!


Entree #2: Rabbit biscuits and gravy with baby carrots and shiitake mushrooms

Talk about something different – rabbit biscuits and gravy immediately caught our eye, and after the delicious biscuit from the bread basket, we couldn’t resist ordering more! This was total comfort food with a cool twist. Our waiter told us he has a friend who claims this is the best meal in Indiana – we aren’t ones to argue with that!

2016-12-21-18-48-28We also ordered a side, which was big enough to share, of roasted vegetables with garlic confit. The perfect compliment to both dishes! Apologies for the dark photo – as you can see, they had quite the mood lighting for a relaxing ambiance.

We literally traded plates back and forth for the whole meal. Eat a little lamb, swap it for some rabbit, repeat. Definitely our style these days 🙂 Both plates were clean by the end of the meal and we were happy and satisfied, to say the least!

The atmosphere of Late Harvest Kitchen is perfect for date night. There was a cozy fire going, and exposed wine bottles lining the walls. It felt rustic but romantic, and we both highly recommend it for special occasions. Two different diners were there celebrating their birthdays, so clearly we aren’t the only ones who think it’s fitting for a nice night out.

The menu changes regularly, and based on what we ordered (and the difficult time we had choosing between their delicious options) I don’t think you can go wrong here. I’m curious to see what creative combinations the chef comes up with next season and am already looking for an excuse to go back and find out for myself!

It was a very merry start to the week of Christmas celebrations and another wonderful new restaurant to add to our list for 2016! We finished our resolution strong. Stay tuned for a recap of all of our great dining destinations from this year!

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