I know this sounds cliche, but…I can’t believe Christmas is already over! We kicked off the celebrations on the 21st with our dinner date, then continued the fun on the 23rd with an afternoon/evening with the Beachys. After that, we headed to my parents’ house in southern Indiana on Christmas Eve to spend time with the whole Hartog gang for a couple days. Now it’s December 26th and we’re back in Indy, just like that! A total whirlwind but so, so fun with many special memories.

I swear Christmas gets better and better every year, but this time I really mean it. I mean…this year we had Jack with us for the first time! How do you beat that?!


(Answer: You don’t. You can’t. Don’t try.)

The other great thing about Christmas as you get older is you start enjoying parts of it that you skated over as a kid. I woke up Christmas morning SO excited to give people the presents I had picked out for them for months (as opposed to when I was a kid and couldn’t wait to see what I would get). I also loved sitting around the breakfast/lunch/dinner table for hours after we had finished eating, just talking and laughing with everyone. As a kid, I’m pretty sure we only lasted a few minutes to eat – if that!

So, Christmas as a grownup is different, but in my opinion, it’s only getting better 🙂 Plus, seeing the magic of Christmas come alive for a new little baby makes it special in whole new ways!

Here are some highlights in photos…

Dad reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas to Jack for the first time. He loved it and we did too!
Finally getting to give Ted the Adobe MAX gear I brought back from San Diego!
Mom’s always amazing Christmas brunch: French toast casserole, sausage/grits casserole, fruit salad, sausage balls, pigs in a blanket, and banana bread. Yum!!!

A snowman who somehow will melt your heart (get it)^

Seeing Jack with Uncle Nate was so fun ❤ They got some good bonding time together!

And last but not least…


This baby was the cutest Santa Claus ever, and he kept us all smiling and laughing the whole holiday. For example: we put Mom and Dad’s stockings on his feet Christmas morning and told them he was their stocking stuffer this year. Little moments like that added up to an overall wonderful holiday back at home.

I love having everyone together again and am so glad Jack is in our family! Can’t wait for many more Christmases like this to come!

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