I know everyone always talks about how time flies, but this year it couldn’t be truer! With Nate’s constantly changing (and exciting!) schedule and my new job, one season rolled into the next and before we knew it, a whole year had passed.

I wanted to look back at some of the highlights that will always stand out from 2016 for me. A lot has happened and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the ways we’ve grown and all of the fun we’ve gotten to have this year.

Without further ado…the Team Beachy 2016 Highlights Reel!


  • Nate had his neurology rotation and discovers his calling in the world of medicine!
  • I joined Instagram and didn’t have a clue what I was doing. But now I love it as a creative/artsy outlet



  • Started my new job at FinishMaster
  • Nathan turned 25 years old (officially mid-20s!)


  • Watched a lot of Parenthood on Netflix and finished the whole series (#millennials #nocableTV)




  • Met Paula McLain at a book signing at the Carmel Public Library
  • Baby shower for Ali in Houston
  • Golfing with Nate and Mom and Dad
  • Got ice cream at Trader’s Point Creamery on a perfect summer evening ❤


  • Got a haircut that changed my life (kidding, kind of…I really do love it!)
  • Fell in love with tacos thanks to Nada
  • Mom gave me her awesome camera so I got to start dabbling in photography for the first time, something I’m still enjoying and learning more about all the time!


  • JACK WAS BORN! We became aunt and uncle for the first time and he stole our hearts! (Just when I thought my heart was too full of taco love and avocado toast love, Jack came and stole the show.)
  • Joined a small group at church we really enjoy
  • Labor Day road trip to see family: Cincinnati, Tullahoma, Nashville, Louisville, and back! SO FUN. (Part I and Part II)2016-09-10-13-01-212016-09-04 13.08.142016-09-04 08.23.40


  • Met Jack for the first time with a sister trip in Houston ❤
  • Nate took his Step 2 exam…the final exam before officially becoming a practicing MD. Yay!2016-10-05-14-38-15


  • I got to go to the Adobe MAX Conference in San Diego
  • I got a promotion at my job!
  • Nate’s residency interviews began
  • Went to see the Titans/Colts game in Indy with Dad 🙂 Colts won, as per tradition.
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving in Cincinnati and Houston (double the fun!)


There is so much to be thankful for this year: our families (and newest family member, Jack!), our health, our jobs, our dreams coming true…I could go on and on. 2016 has been so good to us, and I have a feeling 2017 will be even better. We are both heading into the New Year feeling incredibly hopeful and excited. With two residency interviews left and Match Day less than 3 months away, it will be a thrilling start to the year. We can’t wait to watch all the hard work of the past few years come together and see where God takes us! One thing’s for sure: it will be an adventure, and we will do it all side by side.

So, 2017: Let’s do this!

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