Match Day was a dream. It was definitely one of those “before and after” days, which we only get a few of in life, where everything leading up to it feels a little (or a lot) different from everything that follows. At the end of the day, Nathan and I both agreed that aside from our wedding day, Match Day was one of the most fun, exhilarating, perfect days we’ve ever had. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

We woke up around 7am and got ready for the day, ate food, and watched YouTube videos (aka killed time, which is what we’ve been doing all week). I was also lucky enough to have a letter from my sister waiting for me with instructions not to open it until 3/17/17 – Match Day! In the letter, she shared some encouragement for the day ❤ Sisters have a way of knowing just what we need and it totally calmed me down and got me excited for what’s to come.

Finally, 10am rolled around and we headed out for the ceremony downtown, where we met my parents and Ted and Nathan’s parents. The place was rocking!

Why yes, that is a balloon structure in the shape of a DNA double helix. #medschoollife

We found a pocket of space on the second level where we could hang out until the activities began. I got to hear all about my brother’s show the night before in Nashville, which sounded amazing. He had driven overnight after the show to be there for me on Match Day. Isn’t he the best?!


Around 11:30, Nathan headed down to get his envelope along with the other 300+ students. It was crazy!


We just stayed put and waited for him to come back. By the time he made his way back up to us, we had 12 minutes to wait (but who’s counting? Oh wait, we all were. Every single minute). So we took a lot of photos to pass the time!

Photo Mar 17, 11 49 57 AM
My perfect match – Nathan! 🙂
Our friends Andy and Heather with their son, Garrett.


Finally, they started the countdown to noon over the loudspeaker, when all the students were allowed to open their envelopes.








IMG_2912IMG_2913IMG_2914 - Version 2

Thrilled is an understatement!!!

What can I even say about Virginia? It was our first choice, one of the most competitive programs on our list, and our biggest leap of faith (I’ve never even visited! Ha!). Virginia is the program we had a good feeling about from the start but didn’t even find out we had an interview for until December. It was our 11th and final interview (for those who know me, you know 11 is my lucky number so…I should’ve known all along). Nathan loved it. I loved it. But we just never wanted to get our hopes up too much. Seeing “University of Virginia” in black and white on his Match Day letter will always be one of the most surreal moments of my life. Our dream came true!

For me, it was Virginia and “other”…the closer Match Day got, the harder it was for me to think about anywhere else. I knew I would be able to adjust to whatever the outcome was, but not getting our first pick would sting regardless. It made getting Virginia all the sweeter when we finally saw the letter!

Photo Mar 17, 11 53 35 AM

After all the hubbub died down a little bit, the students were able to go on stage and announce where they matched. I got to go up with Nathan! This was broadcasted over a live feed, so Oma was able to watch in Tennessee and Ali and Luke could watch in Texas! We felt so loved by so many people all day, near and far.

After we announced on stage, we had nothing left to do but CELEBRATE! The Beachys hosted an awesome open house all afternoon at their place for family and friends to hang out and have a good time. I got to talk to Ali on the ride over and share the good news! Jack was squealing in the background some too. I think he’s excited to come visit us in Virginia 😉

It was so nice to have a place to land and soak up the good news with everyone. Both sets of Nathan’s grandparents came in town, our friends Maggie and Will stopped by, and Andy and Heather and Garrett also came. We had a ton of good food (of course), green beer, and watched March Madness all afternoon. Nathan and I couldn’t imagine any better way to spend Match Day than with people we love.

Photo Mar 17, 4 15 11 PM

Around 5:30, we left the house to go clean up a bit before the Match Day Party downtown. The med school rents out a venue and puts together a party for 4th years on match night with an open bar, live music, casino games (I learned to play Blackjack!), and appetizers. They also had the basketball games on. Score! It was a lot of fun to go celebrate with other people in our position and meet so many of the other students Nathan knows. We had an awesome time and really enjoyed ourselves!

We got home around 11pm and finished the night eating leftover cookies and cheeseball from my mom on the couch while watching more basketball. Of course we didn’t stop talking about Virginia the whole time. I can’t believe we finally know! It’s really real…and slowly sinking in. We’re really going to Charlottesville in a few short months. Our adventure is just around the corner. There is so much to look forward to!

As Nathan said last night: “We are gonna have so much fun!” It’s exactly what I said when we got engaged. I’m noticing a theme 😉 Life is good. God is good. UVA, here we come!

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