This year for Nathan’s birthday, I planned a Bloomington getaway for the two of us. We were due for a trip to our favorite college town, and the timing worked out perfectly for us to go this past weekend. It was great to get out of town after all the hubbub of Match Day and enjoy just being together back in one of our favorite places. Btown will always hold a special place in our hearts (and, as you’ll see in this post, our stomachs).

Planning the trip was easy peasy. They just built a new Hyatt on the downtown square across the street from The Tap, which is Nathan’s FAVORITE bar, so I knew we had to stay there. It was perfect! We checked in on Saturday afternoon and took off soon after for a stroll around campus. Luckily the weather cooperated for us! Spring was in bloom and we even caught a few musical groups playing around campus in the fresh air. So college. I miss it.

Photo Mar 25, 4 10 23 PM

We had to make a photo op pit stop at the Journalism school for me. So many memories there! It’s so weird knowing the J-school doesn’t technically exist anymore…it’s now the Media School in a completely different building. But this will always be my place when I think about IU ❤

Photo Mar 25, 4 22 20 PM

We circled back for Happy Hour at The Tap. The rest of the trip was planned mostly according to our favorite foods and how to eat as much of it as possible while we were there. There are so many great restaurants in Bloomington and we miss them all the time, so this getaway was great for re-visiting our old spots and making new memories!

Dinner was at Mother Bear’s, the town’s iconic pizza place. We realized we’d never been on a date to Mother Bear’s while we were in school together, so we were happy to change that Saturday night. We started with their house salad, which comes with goldfish on it instead of croutons, then each got a pizza.

Photo Mar 25, 6 54 19 PM
Summer garden with chicken for me and Divine Swine for Nate!

We had no trouble finishing both pizzas, and despite all the delicious pizza we’ve eaten in Indy, we decided Mother Bear’s can’t be beat.

After dinner we relaxed and watched some of the NCAA games in our room before heading back out for dessert at Malibu Grill (which was also conveniently within walking distance of our hotel). It’s my FAVORITE dessert of all time and was even better than I remember it.

Photo Mar 25, 8 50 34 PM
Best. Brownie. Ever.

After a night cap at the bar of Malibu Grill, we walked back to our hotel and stayed up watching the Kansas/Oregon game until we couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer.

Sunday morning we woke up to rain after sleeping in a bit, so we enjoyed a relaxing breakfast at the hotel.

Photo Mar 26, 9 41 55 AM

We checked out and went to ECC, the church where we met, for their 11am service. We saw some familiar faces and it was SO nice to be back! That church will always mean a lot to me…after all, it brought us together 🙂 I can’t believe how quickly things change sometimes. I can vividly remember going to church by myself a lot throughout college, and now I’m sitting there with my husband of almost 3 years. So cool! God is good.

For one last Btown meal, we went to the Trojan Horse, a Greek restaurant on the square, for lunch. Nate got the gyro and I got the portobello spinach salad with bacon and feta with fries to share.

Photo Mar 26, 12 45 59 PM

Everything is just as good (if not better) than I remembered it, which makes Bloomington hard to leave (but lucky that we live so close for now!). Somehow we were able to roll ourselves back to Indy on Sunday afternoon, smiling the whole way from a weekend well spent.

I am so grateful that the same place means so much to me and Nathan…I have a best friend to go back with anytime! There are a ton of great memories there and we added even more this past weekend. All in all, it was a perfect celebratory getaway for us and a wonderful weekend together.

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