Wondering what “What I Learned” is all about? Check out my first post for details!

Here’s what I learned in March:

  1. How to make Chinese pepper steak, thanks to the Sycamore Presbyterian Cookbook from our Grandma. This was our new recipe for the month and it was delicious! A fun and tasty date night at home 🙂 photo-mar-05-6-32-03-pm
  2. How to make Oreo cake ballsThey got rave reviews at the Match Day open house, so I highly recommend this super simple recipe!
  3. How the Match algorithm works. During dinner one night leading up to Match Day, Nate drew it out for me and it actually made sense! Very genius and reassuring to understand how it all works.
  4. How to play Blackjack. Nate showed me while we were at the Match Day Party and I won a few rounds! It’s a lot more fun when you don’t play (aka lose) with real money 🙂
  5. “Crossroads of America” refers to highways, not railroads. I always thought Indiana’s state motto referred to the numerous railroads criss-crossing the state, but turns out, it refers to highways. I’ve lived here my whole life but better late than never to figure that out!
  6. How to re-pot a Spider Plant. Granted, there’s not a lot that goes into re-potting plants, but this was my first time doing it without parental supervision. Success (so far). Our little plant, Zeke, got a new home just in time for spring.
    Photo Mar 25, 10 31 53 AM
    Photo Mar 25, 10 34 54 AM

    7. New podcasts this month: Fresh Air, The Minimalists (episode on Moving – super helpful and great timing!), Runner’s World

What did you learn this month?

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