It could not have been a more beautiful weekend for Easter. We’d heard rain was in the forecast, but all we saw was sunshine. It was just a breath of fresh air (literally) to be able to be out and about celebrating such a fun time of year.

We spent the weekend at my parents’ house near Louisville. The first thing I did was snag a spot on the deck outside and just soak up our backyard. It is always even prettier than I remember (and my memory is pretty rose-colored). It’s so peaceful back there. All you hear are birds singing and the creek running. I think I took all of this for granted growing up and now I miss it! It always makes it really special to share this place with Nathan now, too. ❤

I planted this tree as a sapling in the 3rd grade. Look how big it is now!


My brother was home for the weekend too which made it so fun! We all had dinner at the house (nothing like Mom’s homemade cooking…another thing I miss a lot now!) and I think my stomach hurt from laughing so hard by the end of the meal. Of course, it didn’t hurt too bad to go out for ice cream at Berry Twist later 😉


This is our local ice cream spot that opens in the summertime. It was a staple of my childhood and I’m so glad we got to go back while I was home! I got my usual order of cookie dough (they use REAL cookie dough – such a dream) and Oreo on vanilla. Just as delicious as I remember and a sweet ending to a good day.

Easter morning brought more sunshine. We made sure to snag a few photos of us all dressed up!



Mom put together an amazing breakfast spread, as always. How cute is her tablescape? I told her I felt like I was back at the Cake Bake Shop with all the cute details she added. I want to be like her when I grow up.


Plus – Easter baskets! Our chocolate supply has been fully restocked with all our favorites. Nathan and I both got more than our fair share so I won’t have to steal any from him…yet 😉

For breakfast we had overnight French toast casserole (recipe from the Pioneer Woman, my FAVE), sausage/grits casserole (Nathan’s fave), berries, and bagels. It was such a nice way to start the day! After eating, we headed out to an 11am service at my parents’ church, and then Nate and I headed back to Indy from there.

The weekend went by so fast but that’s the sign of a good time. I’m glad we got the chance to be home together and to catch up with family. Hope everyone else had a sunny, happy Easter too!

2 thoughts on “Easter Weekend 2017

  1. With the new owners, was the cookie dough up to your standards? 😉
    Looks like such a fun Easter weekend! We were so sad to miss it! So glad you’ll be here in a few weeks to visit!

    1. Ya know…it was tough to follow the cookie dough cake at Cake Bake, but I do believe it’s the same old Berry Twist we know and love 🙂 Sooo glad I’ll get to see you all soon! By then Jack will be saying “Aunt Rachel” right?

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