Wondering what “What I Learned” is all about? Check out my first post for details!

Here’s what I learned in April:

  1. How to list items for sale on Craigslist. Newsflash: it is super easy, I just never needed to do it before now. Now that we are moving/downsizing, I see a lot of Craigslisting in my future 🙂
  2. My maternal grandpa made sundials for my parents’ house. I think this is the COOLEST thing ever and I would give anything to be able to learn how to make one with him now.
  3. How to make salmon patties/cooked seafood for the first time. Our new recipe for the month was a delicious twist on crab cakes. This was a fun date-night-at-home dinner for us. Plus, I successfully cooked seafood for the first time! I’m always so intimidated by it, but this turned out great and was surprisingly easy.
  4. How to combine/transfer 401K accounts. This was one of those tasks that I dreaded but then ended up being easier than I expected! I needed to close out the 401K from my previous job (since I worked there for the first 2 months of 2016) and add it to my current job’s 401K. All it took was a phone call, a few forms, and bam! All said and done by the end of one day. Phew! I hope 65-year-old Rachel appreciates the efforts of 25-year-old Rachel 😉
  5. How the interstate numbering system works. Thanks to a coworker, I now know that when 3-digit interstate numbers begin with an even number, it connects to another interstate at both ends (like a loop or beltway). When 3-digit interstate numbers begin with an odd number, it is known as a “spur route” that connects to another interstate only at one end.
  6. New podcasts this month: S-Town (like everyone else), In the Dark, Success! How I Did It, and Hidden Brain

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