This week we were treated to one last Indy dinner with my mom and dad. They came up for the day on Tuesday and we had a lot of fun catching up! They brought more empty boxes for us to fill up and took home a few more things to store while we downsize our first year in Charlottesville. A little work, a little play, and some really good food made for a perfect day!

We decided to make a tradition of a double date dinner each May to celebrate our joint anniversaries. Last year we went to Varanese in Louisville, and the timing just worked out to do it again this year except in Indy this time! We made reservations at Late Harvest Kitchen, one of our favorites from our Christmas date this past year. We wanted to go back one more time before we move, and we knew my parents would love it too.

The weather was ideal on Tuesday evening, so we got to sit on the patio. I’d heard awesome things about their outdoor seating so it was fun getting to experience it! Seriously could not have asked for a better night to be out. We felt like we had our own private terrace!

Photo May 23, 6 35 03 PM

Like last time, we knew to ask for the bread basket and were treated to goodies from Amelia’s bakery once again. So good! We split these four ways so everyone got to try everything. We had Amelia’s bread at Bluebeard for our anniversary last year, so this is starting to be a theme for us 🙂

Photo May 23, 6 47 26 PM

Mom and I both started with salads, too.

For me…


Photo May 23, 6 49 15 PM

For mom…


Photo May 23, 6 49 12 PM

The salads were both so good! Such fresh, local ingredients used in everything here and unique combinations. I love how they charred hearts of palm in mom’s salad and I also loved the sieved egg in my brussels sprouts salad.

The entrees were up next. Nate and I both got the same dish:

Halibut with cheddar cheese grits, hominy, andouille sausage, and aioli.

Photo May 23, 7 09 36 PM

This had a nice amount of spice and everything tasted so good together! Loved the contrast of texture in the hominy vs. grits, and the halibut was perfectly tender with just the right seasoning. We cleaned our plates!

Mom’s entree:

Roasted 1/2 chicken with fregula, tomatoes, and spinach.

Photo May 23, 7 09 48 PM

Luckily she shared! The chicken was so juicy and we loved the sauce/seasoning with it!

Finally, for my dad:

Rabbit biscuits and gravy with shiitake mushrooms and carrots.

Photo May 23, 7 10 03 PM

This is a mainstay on the menu (while everything else changes pretty regularly) so you know it’s gotta be good. We had this during our Christmas date and it did not disappoint! All of us also split a side of the roasted vegetables with garlic confit.

Photo May 23, 7 10 05 PM

Everything was so tasty! Our waiter was kind enough to take a photo of us at the end of the meal…perhaps that will be part of the tradition too!

Photo May 23, 8 06 44 PM
Can you tell the patio ambience and weather was incredibly perfect?!

Cheers to 33 years for my parents and 3 years for us, and yay for May anniversaries! This was a great last dinner together in the city. They’ll be back next week for the big move to Virginia. It was nice to have some downtime together beforehand to fuel up for the next adventure!

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