Wondering what “What I Learned” is all about? Check out my first post for details!

Here’s what I learned in May:

  1. Shipping “media mail” for USPS is super cheap. Nate sold some old textbooks and I took them to the post office to ship. He told me about how media mail (which textbooks qualify as) is subsidized by the government (did not confirm but sounds legit) and so we got them off our hands for a lot cheaper!
  2. How to make chicken parmesan casserole. Our new recipe for the month was simple (which was needed since it’s so busy here!) but delicious. It’s a great shortcut for traditional chicken parmesan because it’s relatively hands-off and can easily be frozen for future use. This made enough for leftovers too.
  3. What it feels like to have your flight surprisingly canceled. This was certainly a learning experience 😉 But I survived and it all ended up working out! The flight my sister and Jack and I were scheduled to go to Houston after my brother’s graduation in Nashvtille got canceled…and we found out when we got to the airport. It was definitely stressful but we figured it out, thanks to my dad too for having our back!
  4. Cedar hangers prevent moth damage to clothing. This was a tip from the Brooks Brothers’ consultant who fitted Nate for his suit that my parents got him for a graduation gift. Good to know and worth the investment!
  5. How to negotiate a job offer on the phone. Well this was certainly outside my comfort zone but I’m so glad I did it. I guess the big news is – I have a job waiting for me in Virginia now! But before I accepted, I called the company’s owner and successfully negotiated the terms in their initial offer. Going out of my comfort zone paid off…literally!
  6. You can request a black napkin at a restaurant instead of white. I saw this on a TV show where a woman requested a black napkin from the waiter so the white one wouldn’t leave any specks on her black dress. Apparently you can do that at restaurants with white cloth napkins and they keep black ones in the back. Who knew!
  7. New podcasts for this month: The Daily and TED Radio HourTED Radio Hour

2 thoughts on “What I Learned: May 2017

  1. Oh my goodness that flight cancellation was horrible. Glad you’re able to put a positive spin on it 😉 No one else I’d rather be freaking out with than my sister! And SO glad Dad was there to save the day! Love you sister!

    1. GIRL POWER (plus Dad being a hero) = successful learning experience 🙂 So grateful I was with you for that. I learn so much from you and how you handle life! Love you tons Ali!

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