10 hours of driving, 1 flat tire, 2 trucks, 1 U-Haul, and awesome family members = a successful move to Charlottesville! After 2.5 months of preparations, we are safely on the other side with all our stuff under one roof. Whether or not that stuff is still in boxes or not is another story 😉 For now, I wanted to get started recapping our story with Part 1 of the journey from Indy to Cville.

Our last few days in Indy were bittersweet. We both got to the point where we were just ready to GO, so that helped us say goodbye with smiles on our faces. We didn’t have many “lasts” left on our Indy bucket list, aside from enjoying some quality time & meals with close friends and family.

Photo May 29, 7 42 20 AM
The view from our back patio will be missed ❤

At long last, May 31 rolled around. We had everything packed and ready to go, so we were able to get a good night’s rest before the chaos began. The morning of our move, Nate got up early to go get the U-Haul and I got some pictures of one last sunrise in Indy.

It was really nice to have some quiet time before the day got going. I will always be a morning person for moments like this!

Not much later, family started arriving to help us load up our stuff. They were all ROCKSTARS. Nathan’s parents, Tim, and my parents all helped out. Seriously…we felt so supported and loved through the whole process having our people around us ❤ Everyone was so upbeat and eager to help with whatever we needed. I think they might be saints because I don’t know if I would’ve been nearly as nice as they all were if I were in their shoes 🙂

Not long after we started loading boxes, Don noticed a bolt (and thus a flat) in the U-Haul tire. Womp womp…Photo May 31, 9 33 54 AM

Luckily, we hadn’t loaded too much stuff yet so it wasn’t a total pain to unpack. My dad and Nate went to go swap out the U-Haul for a different one, and the rest of us worked on bringing boxes from upstairs to downstairs so we’d be ready to go once they got back. (I believe this is what made my legs sore the next day. It felt like I’d done squats and, newsflash, I don’t do squats on a regular basis. #legday)

When Nate and Dad showed up with a new U-Haul with Virginia Beach on the side, I decided it was a good sign and everything would be OK despite the hiccup in our plan 🙂

Photo May 31, 10 57 01 AM

After that, it was smooth (sometimes sweaty) sailing all morning. The morning was nice and cool (PERFECT moving weather), and even once the sun got higher in the sky we were able to find some shade. Some of us had it easier than others…

Photo May 31, 10 18 05 AM
Taking advantage of the one time I get to sit in a leather chair in the front yard with Mom!
me uhaul 1
Hiding from the heavy lifting.

With everyone’s help, it went by so fast! “Many hands make light work” for sure.

me boxes
Me wondering when we got so much stuff and how it’s all going to fit…smiling away the stress!

We stopped for a Starbucks run mid-morning, Chick-Fil-A lunch break around 1, and some photo ops along the way. Otherwise it was go, go, go!

Photo May 31, 11 11 23 AM

Photo May 31, 1 49 17 PM (1)

tim chair
Tim taking a much-deserved break!

Photo May 31, 1 48 50 PM

After lunch, my parents took off to head back home with the trailer (where we would join them for the night) and Don and Tim left to go to Cincy for the night while Jo, Nathan, and I did some cleaning around the apartment and showed it to the maintenance staff in hopes of getting our security deposit back (fingers crossed!). Zach also stopped by to say goodbye before we left. It was a lot of fun having some extra time with them!

Photo May 31, 1 46 35 PM
Saying goodbye to our home sweet home of almost 3 years…

Photo May 31, 1 48 19 PM

After all was said and done, Nathan and I left Indy around 3:30PM with no return trip on the books. It was SUCH a weird feeling to drive away knowing that the next time we come back things will be so different and we’ll be visiting vs. living there with a place of our own.

We loved our time in Indy and can’t imagine a better place for the first few years of marriage, but we were more than ready for a new adventure at this point. So, despite the weird feelings when we left, we never lost sight of our excitement through the whole experience. It finally felt real and I couldn’t wait to get on the road!

Nathan and I stayed with my parents in Georgetown for the night (our lease in Charlottesville didn’t start until June 1), so we were able to enjoy dinner on the deck – one of my FAVORITE things to do in summer. Mom was awesome and made us a homecooked meal of BBQ ribs, sweet potatoes, broccoli salad, and fresh bread. It felt like my birthday dinner, only a few weeks early…ha!

Photo May 31, 7 15 08 PM

We stayed up talking for awhile, had brookies (brownie + cookie) with ice cream for dessert, then hit the hay. It had been a long day and we knew the next one would be too, so we wanted to get as much rest as possible.

The next day began bright and early – actually not bright, because we left before sunrise – at 6AM. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our journey where we (spoiler alert) get to Cville, move in, and start exploring our new city!

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