Somewhere between packing boxes and farewell plans with friends and family, our 3rd anniversary snuck up on us the week before we moved to Charlottesville. As the date got closer, Nate and I decided to have a belated celebration once we got settled in Virginia vs. squeeze in another night out in Indy. After a few days of unpacking, we were more than ready for a night on the town earlier this week!

We decided to make an evening of it by checking out Wonder Woman at Violet Crown  theater on the downtown mall before our dinner reservations. We walked from our apartment (so far the walkability here is my FAVORITE part of our living situation) and were able to enjoy some cool post-rain weather.

Photo Jun 05, 4 22 13 PM

The movie was SO good. I usually don’t get into action films much, but the girl power in this one gave me all the feels. I’d heard good things about it and it definitely lived up to my expectations! Highly recommend.

Next stop: Hamiltons’ at First & Main for dinner. It was literally <100 yards from the theater so we were there in no time.

Photo Jun 05, 6 44 21 PM
My handsome date!

When we walked in, we knew right away that Hamiltons’ was a great choice for our date night. It seemed “our style”…nice and classy but casual and cozy too.

Photo Jun 05, 6 45 55 PMOnce we were settled at our table, Nate ordered a local imperial double IPA, Throatlatch. He said it was “oh my gosh, so good.” I’ll take his word for it!

Photo Jun 05, 7 09 22 PM

I was perfectly content with the fresh-from-the-oven bread basket…

Photo Jun 05, 7 09 37 PM

Plus a starter salad:

Mixed Greens with House Vinaigrette and apples, jicama, radish, cucumber, tomatoes, and candies pecans

Photo Jun 05, 7 03 50 PM

The hardest decision we had to make all day was which entrees to choose. I love our dinner dates because we get to try a couple different dishes…in this case, we wanted to try about 5 of them. So we had to narrow it down 😉

For me, I went with a southern classic:

Carolina Jumbo Shrimp poached in chardonnay and lemon with Woodson’s Mill Creamy Grits, smoked roma tomato confit, and fresh arugula

Photo Jun 05, 7 24 06 PM

This was AMAZING. Nate declared it the best shrimp and grits he’s ever had after just one bite. It totally hit the spot for me too. I’ve had a couple seafood dishes in Cville so far and they have both been superb. Being closer to the ocean than in the Midwest probably helps!

Nathan went with:

Housemade Linguine with a Spring Pea Pistou caramont chèvre, prosciutto crisps, blistered cherry tomatoes, and fresh arugula

Photo Jun 05, 7 24 13 PM

Lucky for me, he shared too! The flavor combinations of this dish were out of this world. I’m a sucker for a soft cheese, plus the prosciutto crisps (basically fancy/yummier bacon bits) were delicious. The pea pistou seemed like a milder version of pesto. Overall, A+ for both entrees!

Photo Jun 05, 6 48 54 PM

After dinner, we strolled back to our apartment as the sun set. That sounds like a cheesy storybook line but it’s true…We literally walked home with the mountains in the background and the sun setting behind them. I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve pinched ourselves over the last week to remind us this is REAL life. I don’t know if we’ll ever get used to it, but we’re absolutely loving it!

Cheers to a belated but worth-of-the-wait anniversary celebration in Cville 🙂 Thanks to Hamiltons’ for being a great first date night for us!

Photo Jun 05, 6 52 19 PM

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