Our first week in Cville was a nice mix of work and play. Work = unpacking boxes, organizing rooms, purging closet (singular, because we now only have one…to share…), and furniture shopping. “Play” looked a little different from what we are used to doing in Indy since we are now walking distance from downtown and less than an hour from incredible mountains.

After our families left last Friday, we took advantage of the great weather and walked to Fridays After Five on the downtown mall. Every Friday evening in summertime, live bands play at the amphitheater from 5:30-8:30ish. There were food trucks, local beers, and tons of people. We love live music, so this was a real treat for us – especially because it’s free! This particular night was all blues bands, but it changes every week. We are already looking forward to going back more this summer.


On our first Saturday morning in town, we checked out the Farmers’ Market. We loved the Broad Ripple Farmers’ Market in Indy, so we definitely wanted to get acquainted with the closest one here as soon as we could. The place was hopping!

We didn’t buy anything this time but saw some great selections for all the usual suspects (produce, flowers, etc.) plus some enticing local food stands (Pie Guy, I’m looking at you). We’ll definitely be back! I can easily see this being a staple of our weekends in summertime. It’s about a 10 minute walk from where we live so no excuses not to go regularly!

We’ve really enjoyed strolling around town and trying to figure out the streets here more when we need a break from work/have some extra time. We figured out the numbered streets run north-south here, opposite of east-west like Indy. Good to know! On one of our first jaunts I made a friend:

Photo Jun 02, 3 49 40 PM

…And another time I made use of a brick wall and the brick walkway of the downtown mall for a backdrop:

Photo Jun 03, 11 38 47 AM

On another day with great weather, we decided to venture out for our first hike in Virginia. Having access to mountains and trails was one of the biggest draws to this area for us. We have always enjoyed our Gatlinburg getaways and being outdoors in general, so we wanted to start off on a strong note with a highly recommend trail: Old Rag Mountain.

But first – brunch! With a hodgepodge of groceries (still working on restocking) we fueled up with an Eggo (#childhood), piece of French toast, eggs, and fruit. This plate x2 for us!

Photo Jun 06, 9 14 54 AM
*Please note the lack of syrup. Near crisis moment when we realized we hadn’t bought any here yet 😦 Made do with peanut butter instead. #firstworldproblems

The trailhead is about an hour away from Charlottesville. The whole drive out was beautiful. When the mountains kept getting closer/bigger I knew we were on the right track!

Photo Jun 06, 12 49 03 PM

The parking lot is ~1 mile from the start of the trail and then the trail itself is ~9 mile loop with stunning panoramic views. We made it about 3 miles in and then realized we’d have to climb steep rocks to continue…so we decided not to push our luck on the first trip out and turned around after we got to this beautiful summit.

Photo Jun 06, 1 19 57 PM

The views we saw were absolutely worth it and I would happily do this portion of the trail again! We decided we might need to invest in hiking boots before we tackle the rougher terrain.

Photo Jun 06, 1 20 25 PM

Photo Jun 06, 1 38 30 PM

Photo Jun 06, 1 16 36 PM

Nathan was definitely more adventurous than me and kept creeping closer to the edge during my photo ops…and I realized I am more afraid of heights than I thought. Ha!

Photo Jun 06, 1 05 17 PM

We are loving the lifestyle in Charlottesville so far and exploring a new place together has been a ton of fun. I think we’ve done a good job of taking advantage of the time before work starts for both of us, and I look forward to sharing more adventures around town this week!

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