After a couple weeks in our new apartment, the place is really starting to feel like home. Nathan and I were intentional as we unpacked/set up about only using the things we REALLY loved/made us happy. It’s so easy over time to just let stuff build up (as we learned in just 3 short years in Indianapolis). Even though we purged a ton as we packed up for the move, we had a second wave of purging as we unpacked in Cville to get rid of the excess and only display happy items. #minimalist #hippie 

We literally made 3 trips to Goodwill within the first week, but it felt so good! I’ll be pointing out some of my favorite happy-making items in the below photos. Still a work in progress as I’m sure it’ll take several months before we really settle in, but for now, it’s in a good spot as work starts and real life resumes.



Favorite items in the kitchen include my Anthropologie floral oven mitts, Rifle Paper Co. recipe tin, dish towel from my sister from her trip to Paris, mint green Kitchenaid mixer, and rug we got for our wedding (also from my sis!).

Bar area:


Favorite items include new barstools (love the pop of blue!), new salt & pepper shakers from Target, our cow cookie jar (named Bessie, despite Nathan’s insistence that you can’t name inanimate objects…), and my Letterfolk board ❤ (not visible in this pic but to the left of the barstools).

Living room:


^Before we moved in and halfway through the week before we got a couch…



Favorite items include the rug we bought when we first got married, porcupine pencil holder, “Go Jump in the Ocean” throw pillow from our honeymoon, IU coasters & Nick’s jar, NEW COUCH! (our belated anniversary gift to each other this year), my keyboard, and London wall art in the corner.

Entertainment area:


Favorite items include the leaning bookshelf with vintage editions of some of my favorite classics and many other meaningful mementos, plus the Indiana wall art I made for Nathan for one of our dating anniversaries.



Favorite items include our new patio set (!!) – a lifesaver when we literally did not own barstools or a couch for a few days, and my spider plant Zeke (again with naming inanimate objects…) who successfully made the trip from Indy to Cville! I can’t wait to plant some friends for him all over this patio.



Favorite items include our new shower curtain (told Nate I wanted a beachy/classy feel so all the light greens and blues in this room make me happy) and framed photos of the beach from my mom.



Favorite items include the French Paper Co. poster from a conference and our London pillow. Lots of wall space left so we’re looking forward to finding art to fill it!

Ta-da! It’s still a work in progress, but we are loving it so far. It’s been great to have the time to work together on sorting through all of our belongings and figuring out our own style based on what we’ve learned about each other and our lifestyle over the last few years. *Hopefully* a smaller apartment helps us keep up this minimalist approach! Moving will certainly be simpler the next time around if we do 🙂

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet (Cville) Home: Apartment Update

  1. awww I love the shout out in the kitchen and that my gifts have stood the test of time! Everything looks so great! That’s a fun part of moving – redecorating and feeling so clean after getting rid of extra “stuff.” I love it!

    1. Thanks sister! You have clearly made your classy and stylish mark on our home 🙂 As much work as it was, it was SO satisfying to see it all come together and simplified. Can’t wait for you to see it in person someday!

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