Nate and I wrapped up another fun weekend together. This was the last weekend before we both started work (he’ll be on cardiac ICU starting Saturday after orientation all week), so we made sure to make the most of our time together!


Friday was pretty rainy, so we started watching House of Cards. Four episodes later…the rain stopped and we went out for some frozen custard from Kohr Brothers!


Kohr Bros. is relatively local (they have a handful of locations in Virginia). Nate got a mint and chocolate swirl in a waffle cone. I got a chocolate and vanilla swirl with sprinkles.


Summertime in a cup! ‘Twas perfect.


On Saturday, we spent most the day at a pool party for incoming interns and their partners. The rain cleared out (yay!) and we enjoyed getting to meet a lot of new people.

That night, we went out for date night at Lampo. This Neapolitan pizza place was on the top of our list of places to try after hearing about it nonstop. They make Vera Pizza Napoletana (VPN), “certified Neapolitan pizzas using only the finest ingredients.” There are currently <100 VPNs in the U.S. and I can attest that there really IS a difference. Nate and I both felt like we ate pizza for the first time at Lampo.

Like pretty much everything else we’ve gone to so far, Lampo was less than a mile away. (Dangerous!) We were warned that there is always a wait, so we got there at 6 and had a couple drinks while we waited for a table to open up.


We eventually got seated at a spot outside and took a couple photos.


…And literally within 2 minutes of this photo rain started pouring and they moved everyone inside 🙂

Presto, change-o!



Food followed not long after. They serve everything as it comes out of the oven/kitchen so it’s all as fresh as possible.

We started with a salad.

This was delicious! Nate and I both loved the maple dressing. I am also a big fan of fennel. The hazelnuts reminded me of the salad I had at Napolese. Added some good crunch!
Next up – the REALLY good stuff. We shared 2 pizzas.
As you can see, the pizza comes with a pair of scissors to cut your slices. So cool! We’d never eaten pizza before that way but it was fun (and meant we could make the slices as big as we wanted…).
But about the pizza…GAME OVER. I will never be the same and it has ruined all other pizza for me. Aside from incredible crust (melt in your mouth but with just the right amount of chew too), the sauces on each were amazing. The prosciutto comes with their traditional white sauce and the margherita has the red (as you can see). Both were exquisite and I’m glad we tried one of each. The balance of flavors was perfectly done – that hint of lemon with prosciutto – yum. Clearly I am at a bit of a loss for coherent words but that should tell you how good it all was! I feel like we’ve been to Italy now but I am waiting to take my sister here (who actually has been to Italy) for her to be the judge. 🙂

We followed pizza with more House of Cards before calling it a night. In other words… #myperfectdatenight


Sunday was spent trying a new church and getting ready for the workweek (what?! Haven’t had to say that in a while…) In the afternoon, we ventured out to Monticello Trails. A few of the residents had told us about them at the social on Saturday and it was a nice, lower key kind of hike!


We walked around for a couple hours exploring and definitely plan to go back! It’s about ~10 minutes from our apartment, so just a short drive away from another great nature escape.


Having so much wilderness close by to relax in makes me feel SO spoiled and completely at peace after living in a city for a few years.


We have some fun plans this week while Nate is doing orientation – a couple more socials, which should be fun, including a dinner out tonight. I’m sensing a theme here in Cville…lots of good food with fun people. I can get used to this 😉

3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Sweet Treats, Pizza Eats, and a New-to-Us Trail

    1. Omg yes – consider it officially on the list for when you visit! Like I said, I need your Italian expertise to tell me if it’s as good as I think it is 😉 I’ve had that top for a long time…I think I got it at Dress & Dwell in New Albany. But the brand is Under Skies!

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