Time for another spontaneous edition of what we’re currently loving! These are some of our favorites from June.

Currently reading: 

Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. It’s yet another classic that I have never read (though I have vague fond memories of watching the movie as a kid), so I am finally getting to it this summer. For those who keep up with my book reviews, you know summer is a time when I like to sprinkle in classics as much as possible, and this one certainly fits the bill!

ALSO reading 100 Things to Do in Charlottesville Before You Die. The woman who wrote this is the person who hired me for my job here in Cville, and she gave this book to me as a welcome gift! Needless to say, I have been poring over it to make our bucket list. We’ve already managed to cross a few off, like polo at King Family Vineyards at the City Farmers’ Market. I will definitely be using this book to plan the agenda for my parents’ first visit out here in a couple weeks too 🙂

Currently watching:

House of Cards. Nate and I started season one and watched the entire thing within a week, which is crazy for us! Season two is underway, but with Nate’s intense work schedule, our pace is significantly slower this time around…probably for the best. Ha!

Currently eating:

Burgers! Burgers are one of those classic summer foods for me. I’ll eat them year round, but kind of like watermelon, corn on the cob, or ice cream in a cone, I always enjoy them more when it’s hot out.

We’ve had the chance to try a lot of the restaurants here in our first month, including Citizen Burger Bar on the downtown mall. This was on our list since we first visited Charlottesville, and it was really fun to finally go!


^I got the Wild Mushroom & Swiss, which comes with swiss cheese, wild mushroom, black onion, citizen sauce (amazing!!), iceberg lettuce, and tomato on a brioche bun. House salad on the side.

Nathan got the Southern (no photo, sorry!), which comes with pimento cheese, bacon, mustard, iceberg lettuce, and tomato on a brioche bun. We shared his fries, but I forgot to snap a photo until there were only a few left on my plate…


Hopefully you can still tell how delicious the fries were though! Perfectly salted, seasoned, and crisped.

Citizen Burger Bar is known for using local ingredients (the beef is from Timbercreek), and you order them pink, no pink, or red as opposed to medium/rare/well done. The prices definitely reflect the quality of ingredients, and even though it was delicious, this probably won’t be a regular stop for us. Still glad we got to try it and I’m sure we’ll be back on occasion. We both cleaned our plates and walked home full and happy!

Currently listening:

To the random radio stations here to try to find our favorites. Definitely a work in progress (and slow going) because we don’t spend much time in the car at all anymore. Almost everything is walkable, so on the rare occasion when we are driving, it’s usually not for more than 10 minutes. I’m sure eventually we’ll find some new stations we like though!

*Side note – the channels that get reception here are the same ones as I used to get in my hometown near Louisville – 102.3, 99.7, 98.9, 92.3, etc. I kind of wonder if this has something to do with being almost exactly due east of Louisville? Is that how radio satellites work? Off to Google I go…*

Currently wearing:

Tom’s Stella Wedge Pump in Natural. I got a pair for my birthday and have been putting them to good use with all the dinners and receptions lately! These are super comfortable, which is clutch with all the standing/walking we’ve been doing at the events. I feel like such a grownup to finally have a pair of heels I can tolerate.

Currently laughing at:

This Twitter account. I’ve followed them for a few years and now Nathan is on board too. We spent entirely too much time scrolling through their whole feed one night when we couldn’t go to sleep.

Also this blog. A former co-worker told me about it and he was spot on when he said I would find it funny. Another thing I spent way too much time scrolling through one day and I keep going back!

Currently loving: 

Free yoga classes, fresh summer produce, and how simple and settled life feels these days. Summer is my favorite time of year, and as I type this, I’m sitting on our patio sipping ice cold tea and with a mountain in the distance. (Is it appropriate to use #blessed here?) I’m amazed at how smoothly our transition has been, how many friends we’ve already been able to make, how nice our apartment is (the dishwasher actually cleans our dishes – *praise hands*), and how our work lives have started out. God is good and constantly blows me away. I definitely want to soak up every sweet moment this summer…and beyond!

What are some of your current favorites?

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