We wrapped up another fun weekend together. Summer is my favorite – always something to do and such great weather lately! This was Nathan’s only weekend off this month, so we tried to make the most of it while also gearing up/transitioning to him working night shifts, which he’ll do for the rest of July. (Womp womp…)


Friday was pretty chill. We ate dinner at home (leftovers from this dinner – still just as delicious!) before heading to Fridays After Five. We haven’t been since our first Friday in town, so it was fun to go back and see people we know. Last time we were in a sea of strangers, so it’s cool when things like this happen that make Cville feel more and more like home.


Saturday we had fun plans!

First, dinner fuel:

Best pork we’ve ever made thanks to the cast iron skillet!

Then: Starry Nights at Veritas.

We’ve had this on our calendar ever since we found out Nate’s weekend off would coincide. One Saturday a month during the summer, Veritas, one of the local vineyards, opens up their lawn in the evening for live music, dancing, food/picnics, stargazing, and – of course – wine. This is THE place to be when they have it…so many people but plenty of room for everyone! I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience even though I had such high hopes to begin with.

We met up with a small group of friends there and it was so much fun! We spread out some blankets, watched the sun go down, and shared a bottle of rose.


I can’t believe this is real life ^^^^^

We got home close to 11 and pretty much went straight to bed…#partyanimals. Such a fun way to spend a summer night with new friends!


Sunday we went with friends to church before having an afternoon date just the two of us to Carter Mountain Orchards. We’ve heard a ton about this place and it’s not far away at all, so it was only a matter of time before we made it there. We were grateful this window of time opened up before Nate would be on nights AND while peaches are still in season!


This is about ~10 minutes from our apartment. The views were amazing! A month of living here and I’m still nowhere CLOSE to used to being surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. ❤


We were given some tips for how to pick ripe peaches, each got a bag to fill up, and headed into the orchard.


We lucked out with the weather and it wasn’t too hot while we were there. Perfect afternoon to be out and about which isn’t always the case in July!


We had to restrain ourselves from not picking all the peaches. We tried to go for quality over quantity 🙂

Beachys with some peachys…


After peach picking, we walked around the cute little market store. I definitely want to come back for a slice of their apple pie, some pumpkin donuts, apple butter, ice cream…Ok, I want to come back for one of everything, please!


They open on Thursday evenings to watch the sunset from this view during summertime. Definitely on our to-do list! It’s breathtaking even in the bright light of day, though, and we loved soaking it up with some sweet peaches, too.


And that was our weekend! This week feels short to me because my parents come into town Thursday to visit for a few days, so I’m counting down to some fun times with them. Stay tuned 🙂

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