Thank you for all of the love and support on my last post. The outpouring of love from around the world has been incredible and has made our city stronger. Please continue to find ways to speak out in love wherever, however, whenever you can. We will keeping moving forward and change WILL come, no matter how hard we have to work for it. ❤

Below are more photos I have taken in Charlottesville over the last week.

Photo Aug 17, 6 25 30 AM
The memorial for Heather Heyer, pictured above on 8/17, has continued to grow throughout the week. Her service was held Wednesday, August 16 at the Paramount Theater downtown.
Photo Aug 17, 7 01 30 AM
Local company Rock Paper Scissors printed Love Cville posters and handed them out this week. They are now posted in hundreds of shop windows, residential areas, and street corners around the city.
Photo Aug 18, 9 38 52 AM
This sidewalk chalk drawing in a neighborhood near downtown reads “Peace ❤ Hope”. Reminders of what is important are being spread around town by any means possible.
Photo Aug 19, 7 37 31 AM
A tree at the IX Art Park with a sign reading “DISARM HATE” wrapped around it.
Photo Aug 19, 7 24 34 AM
The windows in this apartment along Monticello Ave., near where the car that ran into a crowd was found, say “STOP HATE.”
Photo Aug 18, 12 30 40 PM
The Paramount Theater downtown, where Heather Heyer’s memorial service was held, bears “CVILLE STRONG” on one side of its marquee.
Photo Aug 18, 12 20 16 PM
A section of the chalk walls downtown have been blocked off to preserve this elaborate and beautiful drawing in remembrance of Heather Heyer.
Photo Aug 18, 12 35 24 PM
Another section of the chalk wall that bears the initials of the 3 individuals who died Saturday.
Photo Aug 18, 12 31 17 PM
These letters have been stationed in a central area downtown. They were sent from the state. A purple ribbon on the “E” is symbolic: purple was Heather Heyer’s favorite color.

For every visual reminder of what happened, there are tenfold conversations happening. As I took some of these photos on the mall today (Friday), nearly every conversation I heard was about love, reconciliation, politics, how to move forward, reflection on what happened, where to go next, etc. There were countless religious organizations on the mall handing out water, postcards, and sharing their messages as well. Needless to say, this is still very much on the forefront of everyone’s minds.

No matter how you choose to get involved or show support, it is important to find some way to do so. For a list of ideas, here are some good places to start.


Photo Aug 19, 8 05 38 AM
Early in the morning, the sidewalk around Emancipation Park is shut down while a worker cleans away the dried paint from last Saturday’s rally.


Robert F. Kennedy speech draped over Urban Outfitters downtown off Water St.
The Robert E. Lee statue (above and below) and “Stonewall” Jackson statues were covered Wednesday, August 23 after city council voted to do so in honor of Heather Heyer.


2 thoughts on “More Photos from Charlottesville This Week

  1. The event has reverberated throughout the entire country, Rachel. I pray for your healing in your new city and the message being sent that love will prevail. Much love to you and Nathan 💕

    1. Thank you so much ❤ We love you guys and are so grateful to have your support and encouragement, no matter how far away we are!

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